This can prevent carsickness more skillfully!

This can prevent carsickness more skillfully!

this is more clever to prevent carsickness!

1, fresh ginger

hold the fresh ginger slices in your hand during driving, and smell them under your nostrils at any time, so that the pungent flavor can be inhaled into your nose. Can also pay ginger paste on the navel, with Shangshi Zhitong plaster fixed.

2, metoclopramide

, metoclopramide 1 tablet, 2 tablets can be taken in case of serious carsickness. The dosage of metoclopramide should be reduced for children, and it can be taken 10-15 minutes before boarding to prevent carsickness. For those who have carsickness symptoms after more than 2 hours of travel, they can take another tablet. Those who take medicine temporarily on the way should stand for 15-20 minutes after taking medicine and then sit down so that the medicine can be absorbed. The effective rate of this method is 97%, and there is no other side effects such as dry mouth and dizziness caused by carsickness tablets.

3, Fengyoujing

on the way, rub Fengyoujing on the temple or Fengchi point. You can also drop two drops of essential balm on your navel and cover it with Shangshi Zhitong ointment.

4 and orange peel

about 1 hour before taking the bus, fold the surface of fresh orange peel outward and inward, and then squeeze it against two nostrils and fingers, and the skin will spray fragrant oil mist. It can be inhaled more than 10 times, and it can be inhaled at any time on the way.

5, Shangshi Zhitong ointment

take Shangshi Zhitong ointment and paste it on the navel before taking the bus, which has a significant effect on preventing carsickness.

6, vinegar

drink a cup of warm water with vinegar before taking the bus, and you won’t get carsick on the way.

7, finger pinching Neiguan point

. In case of carsickness, you can pinch Neiguan point with your thumb (Neiguan point is on the palmar side of wrist joint, about two horizontal fingers on wrist transverse lines, between two tendons).

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