This is the correct method of protein uptake:

This is the right way to get protein:

. This is the right way to get protein:

. If you often have dry nails, dry skin and weight gain recently, it may be caused by lack of protein! Many mm in weight loss during a single diet lead to malnutrition, today Xiaobian to introduce to you, the benefits of protein intake, as well as the correct intake method.

1. Do you know what problems will occur if there is a lack of protein?

I don’t know if it’s because women all have & quot; If you eat meat, you will be fat; In addition, the majority of people lose weight in their daily life, resulting in a lack of protein.

protein is the main component of nails, skin and hair. If the protein is insufficient, the skin will be dry and the nails will be cracked, which will also affect the metabolism. In this way, it will not be able to control the blood sugar value, resulting in weight gain. Want to add more protein from three meals a day!

2, half fish and half meat – balanced diet!

protein, daily intake of how much better? Generally speaking, according to the size of the hand stretched (thickness) as a standard, can fish, especially salmon, salmon, blue and white, sardine? Omega3 is a kind of high-quality oil which can burn fat. Instead of just eating meat, it’s better to add fish to the diet menu for a balanced diet!

3, protein suitable for eating in winter

protein has the function of promoting skin metabolism. If protein is insufficient, the water holding capacity of skin will be weakened, leading to dry skin. In winter, as the temperature drops, the skin’s fine lines will become more obvious. The recommended ingredients are chicken wings and beef tendon, which can improve skin condition from the inside and contain elastin and bone collagen. It’s very easy to make hot pot or put it in soup. Please try to cook it!

4, reexamine! When it comes to food, it’s natto and tofu. Plant protein has the same effect as female hormone. It’s rich in soybean isoflavones. Not only can adjust the hormone state, but also can prevent dry skin function, will want to eat more protein food. And because the calorie content is very low, you can eat it safely.

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