This trick can help you solve the toilet jam!

This trick can help you solve the toilet jam!

this trick can help you solve the toilet jam!

there are generally two cases of toilet blockage in daily life. The first is the blockage of easily decomposed objects such as paper scraps; The second is the blockage of toothpicks, bones and other objects that should not be washed away. Let’s take a look at how to solve these two problems:

. First, paper debris is easily decomposed and blocked.

in this case, you need not worry at all. At this time, we can choose to pour hot water into the toilet, preferably boiling water, to soften the blockage in the water pipe. Let them soak for a while. When they soften, you will see that the blockage is slowly drained away, and then rinse them with a large bucket of water several times. You can also use wire or special dredging tools to dredge, using the simplest pressure away, the first case can be solved.

the second, toothpicks, bones and other objects should not be washed away.

most of the time, the toilet is blocked, it is because these should not be flushed due to the blockage. At this time, don’t worry. There are more ways to solve problems than problems. Here we still use the pressure principle. Find a longer plastic pipe. One end is connected to the water pipe, the other end is plugged into the toilet, and then the toilet mouth is sealed with something like a cloth. It is better to plug it with a whole piece, so as to avoid more serious blockage after it is dispersed. The second step is to turn on the water, which will use the water pressure to dredge the pipe.

the above two cases are the most common cases of toilet blockage. Let’s look at the other cases of toilet blockage:

1, slight toilet blockage:

, toilet blockage is generally caused by toilet paper or sanitary napkin, towel rag, etc. this kind of situation can be dredged directly by using pipe dredger or simple dredger.

2, toilet aging blockage:

toilet used for a long time, it is inevitable to scale on the inner wall, when it is serious, it will block the toilet outlet and cause the toilet to enter the water slowly, the solution is: find the vent and scrape the dirt to make the toilet enter the water smoothly.

3, toilet hard object blockage:

accidentally fall into plastic brush, bottle cap, soap, comb (it seems that mobile phone often accidentally fall into) and other hard objects when using. If the blockage is slight, the pipe dredger or simple dredger can be used to dredge it directly. If it is serious, the toilet must be disassembled to dredge it. This kind of situation can be completely solved only by getting things out.

4, squatting to toilet:

some old houses are built with squatting, and U-shaped waterproof elbow is used at the bottom of sewer pipe. When the toilet is created again, it’s better to change the bottom elbow into direct bend. If it can’t be changed, it’s necessary to clean the bottom reverse bend before installing the toilet, Do not let cement or tile fragments fall in during installation.

5, toilet installation error:

is generally divided into: the outlet at the bottom of the toilet is not aligned with the water outlet, the screw hole at the bottom of the toilet is completely sealed, which will cause the toilet not flowing smoothly, and the water level of the toilet water tank is not high enough to affect the flushing effect.

6, hair causes sewer blockage:

after a period of use, the usual bathing hair will hang on the pipe wall, accumulation will cause blockage, hair will cause toilet floor drain blockage, washbasin blockage, bathtub blockage, shower room blockage. So when you use it at ordinary times, you must cover the floor drain cover and other protective facilities. If you have hair, you can pick it up and throw it into the garbage can. How to do with too much hair and blocked sewer? This kind of blockage is easy to solve. The water can be dredged by hand dredger. If it is serious, the pipe dredger must be used.

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