Three kinds of diet methods for clearing intestines and expelling toxin:

Three dietary methods for easy bowel clearing and detoxification:

three dietary methods for easy bowel clearing and detoxification: 666772333

protein starch family method

due to the fact that the digestive system takes twice as long to digest protein as starch, when protein food and starch food are taken together, the whole digestion time will be prolonged and the food is difficult to decompose rapidly, It’s easy to hoard and form fat. Therefore, eating the two kinds of food separately can avoid fattening.

honey dipped in banana to lose weight

banana contains almost all vitamins and minerals, easy to digest and absorb, so it can easily absorb a variety of nutrients. Because banana is a low calorie food, even people who are losing weight can enjoy eating without worry.

morning porridge and evening soup healthy

autumn maintenance should nourish yin and prevent dryness. In terms of diet, we can promote & lt; A bowl of porridge for breakfast and a bowl of soup for dinner;, The diet structure is light. Before tonifying in autumn, the spleen and stomach should have a stage of adjustment and adaptation. Can first supplement some rich nutrition, and easy to digest food, in order to regulate the spleen and stomach. For example: dairy products, beans, etc. should eat more; Water chestnut and water chestnut are also good for regulating the spleen and stomach. They contain carbohydrates, protein and vitamins. They have the functions of Tonifying Qi, appetizing thirst, strengthening kidney and nourishing essence.

in addition, the amount of water in the air gradually decreases after autumn, which makes people feel thirsty. Some people also feel that the nasal cavity is as dry as a flue, and bleeding accidentally; Throat is also itchy, frequent dry cough, sometimes a small amount of sticky phlegm, but always cough and uncomfortable; The lips are the most sensitive and often feel dry and cracked, which is often said by traditional Chinese medicine; Dry & quot;. It is suggested to eat more fruits and vegetables. For example, orange, lemon and black plum can be selected as fruits. At the same time, we should keep in a happy mood and not irritable. Life should be regular.

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