Three kinds of health foods that can remove dampness and diuresis:

Three kinds of health food which can remove dampness and diuresis

three kinds of health food which can remove dampness and diuresis


lettuce can not be eaten fresh in many places. The taste of lettuce is a little sweet and bitter, which can help us clear away heat, detumescence and so on. Generally, our way of eating is to bring lettuce for cold or soup. When we cook, we can not waste the leaves, which are edible. However, if our spleen and stomach are weak, we should not eat more lettuce.


cucumber, we often eat a vegetable. For example, we often use it to make salad, and many people use it raw. But to achieve the effect of diuresis, it is best to mix cucumber with other ingredients to make soup. So the ingredients in the cucumber can be activated. However, if you eat it raw, there are still some benefits, such as clearing away heat, detoxifying and so on.


speaking of dehumidification, Coix is worthy of the king. The effect of job’s tears is to remove dampness and promote diuresis. Especially people living in the South should pay more attention to the problem of moisture, because we all know that moisture will affect our bodies. So we can choose to eat more Coix. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we can eat Coix directly. We can add Coix to other dishes. For example, we can put some Coix in soup and porridge. However, job’s tears is not a versatile food, if suffering from constipation, it’s best not to eat it often.

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