Three kinds of hydrotherapy help you detoxify

Three kinds of hydrotherapy help you detoxify

three kinds of hydrotherapy help you detoxify

cold, cough, and even stones, we most often hear a sentence is, drink more water, must drink more water, the toxins or stones quickly out. To tell you the truth, blind irrigation is obviously not a wise way, experts recommend the right one for you; Hydrotherapy;.

Herba Lysimachiae for removing stones

many people have stones. For urinary stones, it is recommended to drink Herba Lysimachiae in water, which is a very common prescription in the south. Lysimachia christinae can be bought in pharmacies. It seems to be very weak, but & lt; Power & quot; It’s big.

Lysimachia christinae has a good effect of removing stones and dribbling. It can be boiled or soaked. If you cook it, cook it for 3 or 5 minutes at a time, and the water boils. It’s convenient to drink with pictures. However, the effective ingredients in Lysimachia christinae are relatively less dissolved after drinking. Lysimachia christinae is heat clearing, so people with bad stomach should not drink it on an empty stomach. It is recommended to drink 30 minutes after meals.

in fact, in addition to Lysimachia christinae, water boiled corncobs can also excrete gallstones and kidney stones. In the south, wet corncobs are often used. Just boil the corncobs in the pot. Corn itself is very delicious, corncob boiling water tastes very good.

orange peel water for cough

in fact, many cough medicines contain tangerine peel. In traditional Chinese medicine, tangerine peel can regulate qi, remove phlegm and strengthen the spleen. Therefore, if the cough is not serious, you can use tangerine peel water as a health drink to form a habit.

generally speaking, it’s better to drink tangerine peel in water in some years, which is sold by traditional Chinese medicine stores, but for the treatment of general cough, it’s good to do it now. Now there is heating in the north. Just wash the oranges, peel them and dry them on the radiator. In the south, you can put the orange peel in the sun and dry it naturally. The part of the white pulp faces out when it is dried.

use a little hot water (but don’t use boiling water) when soaking, otherwise it’s hard to soak. However, it is reminded that in order to prevent pesticide residues, orange peel must be cleaned. The orange peel can be soaked in 1:100 alkaline water for 10 minutes and then washed. The effect is better if it is repeated three times.

lemonade can prevent cold

lemonade can play a certain role in the treatment of cold at the beginning. The main basis is that the content of vitamin C and citric acid in lemon is very high, and these two nutrients can enhance the body’s immune ability. Many people will ask, why not use honey water or ginger sugar water. In fact, in clinical practice, early drinking honey water is a very effective way to relieve constipation, while ginger sugar water only has a certain effect on wind cold. Considering the comprehensiveness, lemon water is a relatively appropriate choice.

generally wash the lemon, cut it into slices and soak it in warm water. Lemon skin wax is not easy to clean, you can first soak in warm water for 10 minutes, and then rub salt or toothpaste brush.

it should be reminded that patients with stones and gastric ulcer should drink lemonade with caution. Citric acid in lemon is easy to combine with calcium ions in the body to form calcium crystals and form stones. Patients with gastric ulcer have too much gastric acid, and citric acid is easy to aggravate the disease.

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