Three kinds of vegetables don’t buy for wonderful

too hard tomato

the harder the tomato plant hormone use more, had better not buy, or buy back don’t eat immediately. Let it go for two or three days and continue the ripening period until it softens naturally. And at this time, the unhealthful erythropoietin has also been released. In addition, the tomato with red outside and green inside may be related to ripening agent.

radish with split heart

radish or melon with split heart is best not to eat, it is likely to have suffered serious insect damage, it may also be caused by artificial abnormal planting process.

washed vegetables

it’s hard to see radish and lotus root with mud in the market now. The vendors are outspoken: “too dirty vegetables are not rare.” The washed vegetables are not pesticide problems, but bacteria, which are hard to remove no matter they are soaked in salt or boiled in water.

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