Three meals a day is the source of the body’s heat. The best time to eat three meals is

after entering the modern society, we have more and more working hours. Even have no time to eat, can only use a few packets of instant noodles to deal with the problem. You know, three meals are irregular. It can cause many diseases. The best time to eat three meals a day is

1. Breakfast should be from 6:30 to 8:30. Breakfast is the most important and the earliest meal of the day. My metabolism consumption in one night, loss of all kinds of energy, consumption of body fluid. Our energy is almost exhausted, so breakfast is a must. Eat more protein rich foods in the morning, such as eggs, milk and so on. Take in some proper amount of fat. But not too much to prevent weight gain.

although you have to have a good breakfast, you can’t have too much energy. You refuse to eat high calorie and high fat food in the morning. It may affect our daily work and study.

2 The best time for lunch is from 11:30 to 1:30.

lunch is very important. It’s a connecting meal. After a busy morning’s work, the energy of breakfast is almost used up. And for us, we still have to work in the afternoon. And the workload may be greater, which requires us to have a good lunch and match meat and vegetables. You can eat some caloric food. Staple food is a must, but less vegetable based. For those who want to lose weight, they can eat more vegetables for lunch.

3 For dinner, we usually eat from 6:00 to 8:00.

after a day’s rest, our bodies are very tired, so we should eat some low calorie food to avoid excess energy, but we have to rest at night, It’s a long time from the next meal, about 12 hours. So dinner is suitable to eat some easy to full food, as long as there is a sense of satiety on the line. But dinner must be eaten, not because of weight loss and do not eat dinner, so great damage to the body.

have a good breakfast, a full lunch and a little dinner. For the meaning of this sentence, breakfast to eat some high quality food, nutritious. But eat a balanced diet. Like milk, bread, eggs and so on. It’s better to have some soy products. If you have nuts, it’s better to eat a little in the morning.

eat a full lunch instead of being picky. Eat all kinds of food. Staple food and meals should be eaten more, and the variety must be rich.

dinner to eat less, can’t let oneself hungry, but also can’t eat too full. To eat less oil, eat less high calorie food. Like vegetables. As long as we eat well, we will be healthy.

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