Three methods of eating meat are easy to cause cancer

Three methods of eating meat are easy to cause cancer:

three methods of eating meat are easy to cause cancer: 6667

fried and fried meat can cause cancer:

salted fish, bacon, sausage, ham and other foods will produce carcinogen nitrosoprolidine after frying. The correct way to eat is to boil bacon, sausage, ham and other food thoroughly to make nitrosamine volatilize with water vapor. At the same time, it is better to add rice vinegar when cooking salty smoked food. At the same time, when eating salty smoked food, to match fresh fruits and vegetables, or drink a cup of yogurt after dinner.

over stewed meat is easy to cause cancer

many people like to eat well cooked meat. No matter what kind of meat you eat, the more rotten the stew, the more nutritious it is. In fact, this is more unhealthy. Because at the temperature of 200 ℃ ~ 300 ℃, amino acids, creatine, sugar and harmless compounds in meat will react to form aromatic amino groups. Aromatic amino group contains 12 compounds, 9 of which are carcinogenic. So it’s best not to eat over stewed meat.

pork soaked in hot water. In fact, soaking pork in hot water will make it lose a lot of nutrients. Because pork contains a lot of low-temperature muscle soluble protein with freezing point of 15 ℃ – 16 ℃, it is very soluble in water. Therefore, in daily life, do not use hot water to soak or wash pork, should use cold water to quickly wash, when cooking, cook thoroughly.

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