Three nutrition methods of durian:

Three nutrition ways of durian:

three nutrition ways of durian:

Nutrition & mdash& mdash; Durian milk desserts

the biggest advantage of summer is that you can eat a lot of delicious desserts. Durian is an indispensable ingredient in Hong Kong desserts. Dig out the durian meat with a spoon and make it into a ball. Put the sago into boiling water and cook it. Take out the cold water. Process the ice cubes into crushed ice sand, spread it at the bottom of the bowl, add the cooked sago and some milk, put the durian ball on the top, and stir it while eating. It’s very delicious.

Qingtian & mdash& mdash; Durian meat stewed chicken soup

in Thailand, durian is often used as a tonic for patients and postpartum women. If you want to talk about the delicious method of durian, I recommend stewing soup. Don’t worry about the soup at all; Smelly & quot;, Not only that, but also increased the sweet and delicious taste of the soup. Put the chicken, ginger, durian pulp and white pulp into the soup pot, add enough water, cook for 10 minutes, skim the surface foam, turn the low heat to boil for about an hour, finally add salt to taste, turn the high heat to cook for a while. Durian is hot and has the function of promoting blood circulation, dispersing cold and relieving menstrual pain. It is especially suitable for women.

refreshing & mdash& mdash; Durian yogurt sand ice

durian tastes sweet and rich in vitamin C, calcium and other vitamins and minerals. If you can’t accept the taste directly, you can try to use durian to make smoothies in summer. First, freeze the durian meat, then make it into shaved ice, and then mix it with yogurt. The smoothies are refreshing, sweet and not too thick; Odor & quot;, You can have a try.

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