Three principles should be grasped in eating nuts:

Eat nuts to grasp three principles

eat nuts to grasp three principles

many people know that eating nuts is good for health, but how to eat? How much? What kind of nuts should I eat? If you don’t eat right or eat black heart nuts, it will make people more and more unhealthy and even fat! How to eat nuts? Grasp the following three principles.

1, good food, not excessive: eight grams per day, increase the body’s good cholesterol

. Because some people’s eating habits are oily, and nuts contain high fat, it is recommended to eat one portion of nuts every day (about 8 grams), increase good cholesterol to drive away the body’s fat, but absolutely remember, all foods should not be excessive, It’s not good to have too much or not enough nutrients.

2. Before eating, make sure: not everyone is suitable for eating nuts

. A few people have allergic reactions to nuts. If they find any discomfort at the beginning, they should seek medical advice immediately and avoid eating. Children who are too young should also pay attention to the fact that nuts are hard and not easy to eat, so they can grind them or make them into related food and drinks, Children can also happily intake nut nutrients! Pregnant women should eat less nuts with too much seasoning, too high salt is easy to cause lower limb edema, so they should choose nuts with low seasoning to avoid discomfort during pregnancy.

3, eat food, non food: don’t treat processed nuts as food, it will only make you fat

if you eat nut stick, nut tower or nut chocolate with a lot of syrup as general nuts, it’s really a big misunderstanding! You should choose less processed nuts. The nuts with salt and sugar are delicious, but if you are not careful, you will get fatter and fatter. Before you achieve your original goal, you will become unhealthy. Therefore, in the choice of nuts, we must choose products with less sugar and salt, so as not to consume too many calories.

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