Three step quick change layout to create a comfortable bathroom space

in hot summer, it’s most comfortable to wash your face in the bathroom and take a shower. However, with the increase of frequency of use, all kinds of dirty and messy problems in the bathroom are more likely to appear. How can we restore the refreshing appearance of the bathroom in the simplest way? Small changes in space layout can often bring a very different vision to the bathroom, and create a comfortable and cheerful atmosphere from the appearance.

Three steps to quickly change the layout to create a comfortable bathroom space

step1 in order to arrange the bathroom three major items

bathroom sanitary ware, supplies placement seems to have no rules, in fact, their placement position is a certain skill: Generally speaking, the wash basin toward the bathroom door, toilet close to its side, the shower set in the innermost. In this way, the bathroom door is arranged from low to high, which can visually improve the congestion feeling of the space and achieve the effect of wide vision.

step2 is used for dry and wet separation,

is used to separate the washing table from the bathroom, the shower area from the toilet area and the washbasin area. The best way for a bathroom with conditions is to add a shower room for the bathroom. The shower area is separated by the bathroom door, or the hand washing table is independent outside the shower room to become a kind of porch; The bathroom with insufficient space and lack of conditions can use shower curtain instead of shower room, and the bath cabinet and the ground can be separated.

step3 expand the bathroom window size

bathroom windows and vents are not many, and the area is small, cleverly increase the area of windows and vents, so that bathroom has better ventilation opportunities, but also can be properly equipped with ventilation equipment, bright window with sunlight is obviously more relaxing than the lighting effect.

from the space to the layout of supplies, we can make some small changes without changing the house type and carrying out large-scale decoration, so as to make the bathroom glow bright again, but we should pay attention to the waterproof measures in the whole decoration process.

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