Through seven signs of self-test whether there is a lack of protein, how to scientifically supplement protein in daily life

high protein and high fiber is the gold standard for choosing diet. It is generally recommended that 10% – 15% of the daily calories required by human body come from protein. If you are losing weight, the proportion can be increased by 20% – 25%. Protein is an important nutrient, while high protein food satiety, digestion time is long, can also help to control dietary calories. So what are the foods with high protein content? Let’s have a look with you.

Check yourself for protein deficiency through the following seven signs:

1. Your hair and nails are easy to break.

. Because protein is an important part of hair and nails, when you don’t take enough, It is prone to nail fracture, hair strength and toughness decline, and even begin to bifurcate. The American Academy of Dermatology points out that if you don’t get enough protein for several months in a row, you will start to lose your hair, because your body automatically stops the hair growth mechanism to save more protein.

2, you always want to eat

just eat not long, you are hungry, want to find snacks to eat, this is usually you eat too much carbohydrate, but protein intake is insufficient.

3, you lose weight, but not fat, but muscle loss,

, the pointer of the weight meter to the side of the small number, this is not necessarily a good thing. Generally speaking, if the human body does not get enough protein, the body will break down muscles to replace it. When you lose your muscles, your basal metabolic rate goes down, and you end up with fat all over your body.

4. After injury, the recovery speed is very slow.

protein is needed for healing and reconstructing cells, tissues and skin. If it takes longer than the average person to recover from an injury, you probably lack protein.

5 You are easy to catch a cold.

protein is the main component of antibody formation. When bacteria or viruses invade the human body, the immune system will produce antibodies to help fight. If you lack protein, your immune system may be damaged, and once there are bacteria or viruses, your body will succumb.

6, muscle or joint pain

protein is an indispensable nutrient for the formation of muscle, ligament, bone and joint fluid. It can synthesize glucosamine and chondroitin in the body. If once developed muscles become weak, painful or relaxed, you can take in protein to see if the situation will improve.

7, dizziness and dullness

, dizziness and inability to concentrate for a long time may be related to lack of protein and blood glucose fluctuation. Intake of protein rich foods can promote brain sensitivity, judgment and concentration.

High protein food

1. Dairy food and dairy products

, such as milk, goat’s milk, horse’s milk and so on, all belong to livestock milk, which contains a lot of protein, Among them, milk contains the most abundant protein. Milk can not only help us to supplement adequate protein, but also rich in calcium, regular drinking can help us effectively prevent the occurrence of calcium deficiency.

it can be said that skimmed milk powder has the highest calcium content and almost no fat content. Therefore, skimmed milk powder is the best source of protein and calcium for adults to keep slim.

2. Meat food

the meat range of livestock is very wide, such as cattle, sheep, pig, dog, chicken, duck, goose, quail, ostrich, etc. These meat foods belong to livestock meat. This kind of meat contains amino acids needed by human body, and the kinds of amino acids are most consistent with those in animal protein, so the nutritional value of animal protein is higher than that of plant protein.

and in all animal proteins, milk and egg proteins are easy to digest, have a complete range of amino acids, and are not easy to cause gout attacks. Therefore, it can be said that their nutritional value is the best of all protein foods.

3. Egg food

when it comes to food with high protein content, egg food is the best among them. No matter it is egg, duck egg or quail egg, the protein content in yolk is slightly higher than that in protein. Although the protein content of egg yolk is very high, an egg yolk can contain as much as 300 mg of cholesterol, so even people without heart disease can not eat egg yolk at ordinary times. The cholesterol content of the protein is 0. The yolk contains a lot of oil. We don’t see any oil in the normal yolk, but when you bake the yolk in the microwave oven, you will find that there is a lot of oil flowing out. You can also see the oil in the yolk of salted eggs.

research found that egg yolk contains six times more calories than protein, so egg yolk is also a high calorie food. Therefore, many people take eggs as the best choice to lose weight, it can not only provide nutrition, but also help us achieve the effect of weight loss.

4. Soybean food and soybean products

plant protein is also high protein content food, such as soybeans, big green beans and black beans, but soybean has the highest nutritional value. The best vegetable protein is soybean protein, which is easy to digest and absorb. Therefore, soybean protein has always been the main source of protein for vegetarians. The study also found that regular consumption of soy products can reduce cholesterol, but also has anti-cancer effect. Soybean protein is rich in isoflavones, which is a hormone like compound and can inhibit the growth of tumor cells caused by hormone imbalance.

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