Tips for cleaning glass products

Cleaning tips for glass products

cleaning tips for glass products

a simple way to clean glass can be wiped with a cloth stained with vinegar water. In addition, the cabinet glass that is easy to be contaminated with oil should be cleaned frequently. Once oil stains are found, the sliced onion can be used to wipe, and the blurred glass can take on a new look. Glass products are bright and clean, which is one of the building materials most consumers are keen on. How to clean the stains on glass products in daily life?

1. Drop kerosene on the glass, or use chalk ash and gypsum powder dipped in water to dry the glass. Wipe the glass with clean cloth or cotton. The glass is clean and bright.

2. When the walls are painted, some lime water will stick on the glass windows. It is difficult to remove these lime tumor marks by scrubbing with ordinary clean water. Therefore, to use a wet cloth dipped in some fine sand to scrub the glass window, you can easily clean the glass.

3. Glass furniture will turn black after too long. You can wipe it with a fine cloth dipped in toothpaste, so that the glass will become as bright as new.

4. When the window is stained with traces of oil or traces of oil, gently wipe the wet cloth with a little kerosene or Baijiu, and the glass will soon be bright and bright.

5, fresh eggshell washed with water, you can get a mixed solution of protein and water, using it for glass cleaning, will also increase the luster.

6. If the glass is stained with paint, you can use a flannelette dipped in a little vinegar to wipe it clean.

7. Wipe with slightly damp old newspaper. When wiping, it’s better to wipe vertically on one side and horizontally on the other side, so it’s easy to find the missing places.

8. First rinse with warm water, and then wipe with wet cloth dipped in a little alcohol, the glass will be particularly bright.

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