Tips for drug preservation

tips for drug preservation

Tips 1: discard the desiccant immediately after opening the bottle

the validity period marked on the drug package refers to the storage period of the drug in the unopened state. Once the sealed package is opened, the service life of the drug will be significantly shortened. The basic principle of drug preservation is airtight and dark. Drugs should not be stored in direct sunlight, let alone in the car. In the principle of drug preservation, keeping dry is a very important link. Some medicine packages contain cotton balls or desiccants. After opening, they should be discarded. Otherwise, they will absorb water vapor, which will make the medicine damp and deteriorate more easily. Now there are a lot of drugs packaging improved, there is no desiccant, these drugs should be kept dry.

tips 2: small bags of drugs, as soon as possible use up

sometimes we will get back from the hospital or clinic to the small paper bags of drugs, these drugs are mostly separated from the large package, usually 3 & mdash; The dosage for 7 days should be taken as soon as possible if it is stored in paper bags. If the disease is not used up or the medication is adjusted, it is generally recommended to discard it. If the medicine is more expensive, it can be stored in a small glass bottle with good sealing performance. It is also necessary to label the bottle, indicating the name, specification and expiration date of the medicine, so as to avoid confusion.

coup 3: large bottles of medicinal vials are packed separately with

. If 100 tablets are packaged in large bottles, and the drugs can not be used up quickly, a small amount of tablets can be taken and placed in a dark sealed small glass bottle. Take the medicine in the small bottle first, so as to reduce the chance of contamination caused by repeatedly opening the medicine bottle. However, the label must be pasted on the new glass vial, indicating the name, specification and expiration date of the drug. It must not be confused with other drugs.

trick 4: & lt; Board & quot; To avoid moisture,

aluminum plastic charge is commonly known as & lt; Board & quot; A drug is a capsule or tablet sealed in a separate plastic bubble. This kind of packaging is very dry, but some drugs only need to take half a tablet at a time. Even if the remaining half tablet is put back into the packaging, it also changes the storage environment. Therefore, if it is not used for the time being and the medicine is expensive, it is best to keep it in a small dark glass bottle. If you need to take the medicine again at an interval of no more than 24 hours, you can put the tablets back into the plastic bubble, but you should pay attention to keep them away from the humid environment. It should also be noted that when taking medicine, the tablets should be broken off first, and the remaining tablets should be put away before taking medicine, so as to prevent water from getting on the remaining tablets, which will damp the tablets put back into the plastic bubble.

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