Tips for furniture maintenance in hot summer

there are many cases of furniture cracking and fading caused by improper maintenance every summer. Experts remind that excessive temperature change and strong light brought by hot summer are the number one killers of furniture. For furniture, this is the season that needs maintenance most.

Hot summer furniture maintenance tips

1, summer furniture maintenance of wood furniture

in the maintenance of wood furniture, the first step we should make it avoid direct sunlight. Because the summer sun is strong, often exposed to the sun, wood furniture is easy to crack. In addition, we need to wax the furniture occasionally to keep it as bright as new, but we can’t wax it too hard, because the wood furniture itself will secrete wax. If you wax it too often, it’s easy to make the material of the home not secrete. When doing furniture maintenance in summer, we should also pay attention not to touch the furniture when sweating. Because there are electrolytes in our sweat, it is easy to cause damage to wooden furniture.

2, leather furniture maintenance in summer

leather furniture maintenance is the same as wooden furniture, that is to avoid direct sunlight. Because it’s very hot in summer, many families will turn on the air conditioner. Xiaobian reminds you that when doing furniture maintenance in summer, you should remember not to let the leather furniture face the air conditioner for a long time, otherwise the soft furniture will easily become stiff. If you want to use detergent to maintain leather furniture, you must see if the detergent is alkaline. If so, you must not use it.

3, summer furniture maintenance cloth furniture

, summer furniture maintenance cloth furniture can not be ignored. Because of the material, cloth furniture is easier to depreciate than the other two types of furniture, so we should spray a protective agent on it after buying furniture, so the depreciation will be slower. Cloth furniture can not be exposed to direct sunlight just like the previous furniture, which should be paid more attention in the maintenance of furniture in summer. In the usual maintenance, we can use a dry towel to pat, and vacuum about once a week. If the furniture is stained with oil and sweat, you should wipe it from outside to inside with cloth.

the introduction of furniture maintenance in summer is so much. Do you remember it carefully? By the way, furniture maintenance generally can not be wiped with clean water, such as wood furniture and leather furniture, even if you want to wipe it, you should screw it very dry, but cloth furniture is different. Its cushions, pillows and so on can be washed directly, but some can be machine washed, some can only be hand washed, we must be clear Oh!

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