Tips for housewives:

Tips for housewives:

tips for housewives:

1. Just after being bitten by mosquitoes, you will not itch if you apply soap.

2. After drinking tea, there are ugly tea stains in the cup. Wash the tea stains with toothpaste. It’s very clean.

3, eyes into a small dust, close the eyes cough a few times, the dust in the eyes will come out.

4, wherever the shoe is rubbed on your feet, you can spread a little Baijiu on the foot of the shoe to ensure that it does not wear.

5. When boiling an egg, soak the egg in cold water for a while, and then boil it in hot water. In this way, the eggshell will not break and it is easy to peel off.

6. After washing your face, gently rub your fingers with some fine salt on both sides of your nose, and then rinse with clean water. Blackheads and acne will be removed, and pores will become yellow. You can chew peanuts and put them in your mouth, and use them to brush your teeth for 3 minutes, which is very effective.

8. Soak the newly bought jeans in concentrated brine for 12 hours, and then wash them with clean water. They won’t fade when they are washed again.

9. If you eat spicy food, you feel it’s going to be spicy to death. If you put salt in your mouth for a while, spit it out, and then you will feel it’s not spicy.

10. Blow the label with a blower. When the glue is hot, you can tear the label off easily.

11. When the leather shoes are moldy after being put for a long time, it can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1:1) solution, and then dried in a ventilated place. It can also be used for mouldy bags.

12. Refrigerators often have peculiar smell. Putting a roll of paper inside can effectively eliminate the peculiar smell.

13. Shake the egg before you knock it. After you knock it, there will be no egg white on the eggshell.

14. If the rice is burnt, insert a few green onions or garlic into the burnt rice, and then stew for a period of time, you will not smell burnt.

15. When cooking porridge and soup, put chopsticks horizontally in the pot to prevent overflow.

16. When eating, if the clothes are stained by oil, you can use fresh white bread to rub it gently, and the oil can be eliminated.

17. It’s hot in summer, and it’s easy to grow prickly heat on the body. You can wash the parts with prickly heat with warm water, apply a layer of toothpaste, and the prickly heat will soon disappear.

18. If you drink vinegar when you burp, you won’t burp.

19. Before cutting the cake, blanch the knife with hot water, so no cream will stick to it.

20. If you eat something with peculiar smell, such as garlic and stinky tofu, just eat a few peanuts.

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