Tips for maintaining white T-shirts white T-shirts yellow how to wash white

a few white T-shirts are indispensable in many girls’ wardrobes, right? Simple and neat white T-shirt, no matter what to wear is very suitable! But you may find that after wearing it several times, it starts to turn yellow and dirty. What should I do for maintenance? Today to teach you 5 maintenance tips, want to wear as white as new white T-shirt quickly look at it!

1 Do you pay attention to your usual habit of taking off clothes? Is it pulling off by the neckline or taking off slowly from bottom to top? This step actually has a lot to do with the maintenance of your cotton T-shirt. When you pull out the top of your head with your neckline, this action will actually destroy the tight knitting in the neckline, leading to the deformation of the collar. Grasping the method of taking off from bottom to top will also enlarge the neckline a little, but it will not deform too much compared with pulling the neckline every time.

2, use lemon juice or baking soda to keep white

we all know that lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent in the beauty industry! But in fact, it has the same effect on white clothes. Just add half a cup of lemon juice to the hot water, soak the clothes in water for an hour or overnight, and wash them in the washing machine as usual the next day. In addition, baking soda is also a good helper to keep clothes clean. If you are interested, you can try mixing 250ml baking soda into 4 liters of water and soaking clothes in water for the night to see the natural cleaning effect!

3. Don’t store them in plastic boxes or cartons

. In order to make the clothes in your home neat, it’s the most common way to store them in the storage box, right? However, it should be added here that when collecting the white T-shirt, do not choose the plastic box or carton, because the plastic box can not let the clothes contact the air, while the carton has acid, both of which may cause the white T-shirt to turn yellow! A better way to store it is to hang it on the hanger and protect it with a comprehensive dust bag.

4 Tips for pre-treatment of stains:

white T-shirt yellowing how to wash white

usually white T-shirt is easy to yellowing, how to wash white?

washing liquid rinsing

washing liquid has a bright white and colorful washing liquid. You can use it to wash the yellowing white T-shirt. Rub the yellowing place a few times to wash off the yellow.

, followed by rice washing

yellow T-shirt, soak in rice washing water, soak a few times a day, after three days, the yellow clothes can almost turn white.

, then freeze and wash

. First put the washed clothes into the fresh-keeping bag, then put them into the refrigerator freezer, and take them out after one or two hours. The effect of yellowing is very good.

and finally lemonade

lemonade has the function of bleaching. We can rinse the yellowing white clothes in the water with lemon juice to remove the yellowing area.

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