Tips for quick drying shoes

Tips for quick drying shoes

tips for quick drying shoes

quick drying shoes with hair dryer

quick drying shoes with hair dryer, but also need to pay attention to the use: if it is good shoes, try not to blow, easy deformation; If it’s a white shoe, you can’t blow it. If it’s dry, there will be yellow marks. You can’t wash it next time.

quick shoe dryer

shoe dryer is also called shoe dryer. One shoe can remove the moisture inside the shoes through the thermal effect, so as to make people feel dry and comfortable after wearing. At the same time of drying shoes, it also plays the role of deodorization and sterilization. The tip of the shoe is the most difficult part to dry, and the shape of the shoe dryer is just in line with the shape of the shoe. It can directly extend to the tip of the shoe, and the temperature of the tip of the shoe is the highest, while the temperature of the instep and heel is slightly lower.

fast dry shoes with newspaper or toilet paper

wrap the vamp with newspaper (toilet paper), put newspaper ball in the shoes, and leave the shoes outside overnight.

electric heating plate for fast shoe drying

electric heating plate for shoe drying is similar to shoe dryer in principle, and it is easy to carry. The heating temperature of electric heating plate is higher than that of shoe dryer. But mainly for the local drying of the toe, not comprehensive enough. Dry shoes electric heating plate can only be used for general leather shoes, for some very soft and light shoes, especially some high-grade shoes are not applicable, local heating will change the leather of high-grade shoes, causing damage.

fast drying shoes with hot water bag

pour boiling hot water into the heat-resistant bag we carry, put the heat-resistant bag into the shoes, and then put the shoes into the plastic for about 40 minutes, take out the shoes, you will find that at least 80% of the shoes have been dried at this time.

bamboo charcoal shoe plug fast drying shoes

bamboo charcoal has strong adsorption capacity. Bamboo charcoal shoe plug can effectively eliminate moisture and odor in shoes, keep shoes dry, and prevent bacteria breeding and reproduction. After going home at night, put the bamboo charcoal shoes in the shoes, take them out the next day, and put them in the sun for a while. Then they can be used again in the evening, and the moisture absorption capacity will be stronger.

desiccant fast drying shoes

many people have seen the food desiccant in food bags. Most of the ingredients are quicklime, which has strong water absorption capacity. In fact, quicklime desiccant can also be used as shoe desiccant. Usually, don’t throw away the desiccant after eating snacks or some pastry bags. Collect them and put them in shoes to help shoes; Dry body & quot; It’s too late.

silica gel desiccant can also be used to dry shoes. The main raw material of silica gel is a kind of high microporous hydrous silica, which is non-toxic, tasteless, stable in chemical properties and has strong moisture absorption. The price is slightly higher than that of quicklime desiccant.

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