Tips for removing coffee stains:

tips for removing coffee stains:

1 toothpaste:

toothpaste: besides cleaning teeth, it also has a good effect on removing coffee stains. Squeezing proper amount of toothpaste on the brush and brushing carefully along the inner wall of the cup can also effectively remove the coffee stains in the cup.

2, bicarbonate

bicarbonate is alkaline substance, can remove stains. Pour baking soda on the cleaning cloth, drop a little water, wipe the inner wall of the cup back and forth, you can get rid of the coffee stains inside, and also play a role in disinfecting the cup.

3, edible alkali

edible alkali has good decontamination ability, especially for all kinds of residual stains. The specific method is: pour a little edible alkali into the cup, add a little water, slightly wet, and then scrub with a brush until the coffee stains are removed.

4, detergent

, a few drops of detergent into the cup, and then take a clean sponge dishcloth gently wipe back and forth, after standing for a few minutes, rinse with water, the cup with coffee stains immediately becomes clean.

5, potato chips

put the potato skin into the cup, pour in boiling water, cover for 5-10 minutes, and shake a few times, you can easily remove the coffee stains. Because potato skin is rich in starch, has a strong adsorption, so it is easy to remove the coffee stains attached to the cup.

6, vinegar

vinegar is acidic, can produce chemical reaction with coffee stains, produce water-soluble substances, play a role in removing stains. Pour a little vinegar into the cup, let it stand for five minutes, and then brush it with a brush. It’s easy to wash off the coffee stains in the cup.

7, salt

although salt is condiment, but the effect of stain removal is also better. Pour a little salt into the cup, scrub it carefully with hand or brush, and then wash it with water. Repeat twice to remove the coffee stains on the quilt.

remove coffee stains on clothes?

1. Coffee stains on clothes can be washed with detergent, and then washed with a few drops of ammonia; If it’s wool clothing, you can’t use ammonia water, because ammonia water is very alkaline, which will damage the scale structure of wool fiber surface, so you should use glycerin instead.

2. (1) old coffee stains can be wiped with mixed solution of glycerin and egg yolk. After a little drying, rinse with water.

(2) or coat the stain with glycerin, sprinkle with a few grains of borax and soak in boiling water.

(3) can also be wiped with diluted ammonia and borax heated water.

(4) old coffee stains can be wiped with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, and then washed with clean water, salt or glycerin solution.

3. Coffee stains can be removed immediately by washing with 70-80% hot water.

4, not too strong coffee stains can be cleaned with soap or washing powder immersed in hot water; For stronger coffee, sprinkle a little glycerin into the egg yolk, mix it and smear it on the stain. When it is slightly dry, wash the coffee stain with soap and hot water to remove it.

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