Tips for saving electricity at home

tips for saving electricity at home

electricity bill received every month is usually & quot; Top of the list & quot;. In fact, as long as we pay attention to some details in our daily life, we can save electricity, save money and protect the environment. Let’s share some power saving tips that can be easily done. Let’s have a look!

don’t open the refrigerator door too long if you don’t need it. Decide what to take out before opening the refrigerator door. Take out several items immediately after opening the door and close the door.

standby power accounts for about 5-10% of the total household power consumption. Before going to bed or going out, don’t turn off the appliances only with the remote controller, but turn off the standby state of TV, set-top box, computer, mobile phone charger, audio-visual equipment, etc.

turn on the air conditioner and fan at the same time to speed up the air flow without lowering the temperature of the air conditioner and save more electricity.

clean the filter screen of the air conditioner every month and the air conditioner every year to remove the obstruction of the air conditioner vent, so as to achieve the best air conditioning effect.

hot food should not be put into the refrigerator immediately, and should not be put into the refrigerator until it has cooled down.

LED bulb is more durable, and its average life is more than 8 times that of tungsten bulb. It is also more energy-efficient than energy-saving bulb. Replacing tungsten bulb with LED bulb can save about 75% of electricity.

too many objects will hinder the air circulation and reduce the cooling capacity. Don’t overload the refrigerator to ensure the free flow of cold air.

soak the rice before cooking. Wash the rice one or two hours in advance. Don’t control the water too dry. Soak the rice in the pot first. This can save cooking time and electricity. If the use of boiling water to cook, not only can shorten the time of cooked rice, and nutrition will not be lost.

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