Tips for the purchase of disposable paper cups precautions for the use of disposable paper cups

disposable paper cups are often used by us, but there are many crude paper cups in the market, so we should pay special attention to them when purchasing paper cups. Let’s take a look at how to choose disposable cups?

How to choose disposable paper cup?


general paper cups should be sealed in plastic packaging bags, and the packaging bags should not be damaged. The paper cups that are not tightly packed are easy to be polluted by the environment, and the hygiene can not be guaranteed.

2, look at the mouth of the cup.

please note that the cup mouth should be flat and smooth, without waste edge and burr. The cup body should be clean and transparent, with uniform thickness, without impurities, bubbles, water lines, and fish eye block.

3, extrusion.

the paper cup with better stiffness should be selected, and the paper cup with thick and stiff wall should be selected as far as possible. When selecting the paper cup, you can squeeze it gently on both sides of the cup with your hand, and you can roughly know the stiffness of the cup body.

4, look at the outer packing.

carefully check whether the package label is marked with & lt; Product name, manufacturer’s name, address, product implementation standard, production date, shelf life, health license & quot; If the marking content is incomplete or nonstandard, it is better not to buy such cups.

5 Look at the cup.

good quality paper cup body pattern should be uniform in color and clear in outline, the thickness of wax layer should be uniform, the coating of coating Cup should be uniform without missing coating, and the cup mouth should not have obvious depression and wrinkle.

6, odor.

due to the poor quality of material and ink, some paper cups will give off a very pungent smell, which is harmful to the body. So when choosing, try to choose those paper cups with soft or no smell!

7, look at the color.

in fact, this is the same as & lt; Good looking apples are not necessarily delicious; It’s a truth. The inside of some cups looks very white and clean. In fact, this is the effect of adding a lot of fluorescent whitening agent. Although adding a fluorescent agent will make the cup look very beautiful, but a large number of fluorescent agents will cause harm to people’s health. It is suggested that when you choose the paper cup, you’d better use the fluorescent lamp to illuminate the wall of the cup. If there is blue, it proves that the fluorescent agent exceeds the standard, so you’d better consider it again!

8, see printing.

“ No printing is allowed within 15mm from the cup mouth to the cup body and 10mm from the cup bottom to the cup body; This is stipulated in the national standard GB / T 27590-2011. Because there is no ink that can directly contact with food in China. In order to avoid drinking water, the harmful substances on the design will be brought into the entrance, you should pay attention to the printing position when you choose!

warm tips: if the paper cup is damp, it will form mold, which will do great harm to people, so try not to use those paper cups that are damp!

Precautions for using disposable paper cups:

1. Recycled polyethylene is used for inferior paper cups. During reprocessing, there will be cracking changes and many harmful compounds. Almost every family and unit will prepare disposable toilet paper cups, It’s sanitary and convenient for one person to use it and throw it away after use. However, Dong Jinshi, vice president of the International Food Packaging Association, pointed out that disposable paper cups & lt; The most unsanitary & quot; It’s too late.

2. In the past, the wax coated paper cup was used most. It was soaked in wax. It can only hold cold drinks, not oily things, because oil can dissolve wax. Wax will melt at about 40 ℃, and wax contains carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Now the most commonly used is the paper plastic cup, outside is a layer of paper, inside is a layer of coated paper, is a kind of polyethylene plastic film. Although the outer layer is paper, it is the inner plastic film that contacts the food. Therefore, it is controversial whether this kind of cup is defined as a paper cup or a plastic cup. In terms of testing, both paper and plastic quality are tested. Without wax, people may feel that paper cups are safe. In fact, it has the most risk factors.

3. In the general market, it is common to see vendors selling Pastry Soup baked in paper cups. However, some experts say that the maximum heat resistance that paper cups can bear is only 100 degrees, and they can’t stand the high temperature baking in the oven. Drinking this kind of Pastry Soup baked in paper cups will cause the burden of liver and kidney.

The magic of disposable paper cup

gift bag!


humble disposable paper cup, can also be used to do a lighting, decorative wall hanging, beautiful and generous, let your living room more enjoyable. You just need to prepare a few paper cups, light strips, scissors, and beautiful cardboard. The method is very simple. Cut the cardboard into an arc, and wrap it around the periphery of the paper cup as a decoration. The paper cup turns into a little pink and blue fresh. Then you open a small opening at the bottom of the paper cup, put the bought light strip in, hang it up, plug in the electricity, and hang it in the living room at will, The warm light makes the home more emotional.

plant flowers

who said you must buy flowerpots to plant flowers? You see, people still stick the paper cup on the board and plant it! If you think the paper cup looks too ordinary, wrap it up with a piece of newspaper and decorate it. The beauty is unexpected!

is packed with snacks

. It’s better to pack a large plate than separate a cup. It not only looks good, but also lets the guests enjoy the buffet in your home!

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