Tips for toothpaste paster: toothpaste paster is firm and does not damage walls

tips for toothpaste paste: paste with toothpaste, which is firm and does not damage the wall

my baby likes painting very much. After the painting is finished, you have to stick his painting on the wall. If you don’t stick it to him, it will affect your baby’s enthusiasm for painting. Paste or glue will make the smooth wall messy, and it may be eaten by insects in summer; Use thumbtack. The wall will be nailed with holes one after another. It really affects the beauty.

later, I learned from my colleagues that a good way is to use toothpaste to stick pictures, which not only won’t leave spots like glue, paste, or thumbtack, but also won’t affect the beauty of the wall when I want to take them. It’s easy.

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