Tips for using and maintaining gas lighters

gas lighters use butane gas as fuel. The following points should be paid attention to when using:

1. Always keep gas in the body. Check the air storage capacity of the fuselage. As long as you shake the lighter and hear the sound of liquid (butane liquefied gas) impact, it indicates that there is still gas in the fuselage.

2. When lighting and adjusting the flame, do not aim at or close to the face, so as to avoid accidents caused by flame spraying.

3. When filling gas, it should not be carried out near the fire, and it should not be heated by fire to prevent explosion.

4. After use, put down the alternating pressure flame hood in time to prolong the service time of gas. At ordinary times, keep the outlet valve clean, and often use a brush to remove the dirt on the lamp cap, so as to avoid the phenomenon of flame skew.

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