Tips for wind prevention in field fishing tips for spring fishing

most fishermen have encountered windy weather when they are fishing in the field. Fishermen may have a hard time throwing a pole in windy weather, and they also have a lot of trouble watching drifting. This makes fishermen very upset in windy weather. Here are some methods for wind prevention in field fishing, Let fishermen no longer afraid of fishing in windy weather, hope to help you!

Tips for wind prevention in field fishing

1. Find the downwind fishing

when the wild fishing meets the wind for a while and can’t find the leeward place, you can properly increase the lead fall of the fishing group, effectively prevent the mark from walking, and look for the downwind place to fish, Downwind fishing has three advantages:



3. Due to migration, it is easy for fish to gather.

2. Find leeward fishing

first of all, you should understand and be familiar with the underwater situation of the fishing point, and learn to distinguish the wind direction, measure the wind speed, learn to use the geographical environment to find weak wind from strong wind, find the bay with southeast wind and Chaoyang in spring, and find the bay with northwest wind in autumn. They can avoid the direct confrontation with the wind, so as to save a lot of trouble caused by the wind to fishing.

3. Short wind line fishing

when you are fishing in the windy field, the fishing position is next to the leeward platform or stone platform, the surge has little effect, but the wind line affects the buoy and affects the fishing. You can use the short line fishing method, that is, on the premise that the fishing group is basically unchanged, wind a part of the fishing line around the tip of the fishing rod, and make a movable knot, Although it is inconvenient for the fishermen to take in the line and change the bait, the wind resistance effect is still desirable.

4、 Wind line fishing

in a windy day, the wind often bends the line, resulting in the phenomenon of buoy aimlessness. Those who have wild fishing experience will use the method of lowering the rod tip to solve the problem, and each casting requires pressing the line, which is very troublesome, This problem can be solved if several pieces of lead skin with the same size and weight are installed on the wind line, but the lead skin on the line should not be too large or too tight. It is better to press the line into the water without sliding up and down. The fishing method of pressing the line into the water has three advantages:



3. It increases the tension between the fishing line and the pole, and enhances the impact resistance.

5. Fishing with the wind

when there is wind and running water, the method of fishing with the wind can be adopted, that is, appropriately reduce the weight of the original fishing group, make the buoy rise and easy to observe, make the fishing group flow with the wind and waves, and show obvious rising, blunting or black mark on the float, so that the rod can be lifted.

6. Pole throwing horizontal fishing

encountered strong wind, so it is difficult to use the pole. The pole throwing horizontal fishing can be used, that is, the pole is driven into the nest of the pole. In order to prevent the wind from disturbing the fish information, the pole can be set flat on the ground, keeping a certain angle with the ground. The pole should be consistent with the wind direction, and it is better to listen to the bell ring to watch the movement of the pole tip, Then the rod can be lifted to take up.

If you want to have a good catch in spring fishing, you should pay attention to the following points: first, choose a day to go fishing, If the weather is bad, it may seriously affect the fishing effect. Although spring is a season of slow warming, the climate is changeable, the temperature is relatively stable, or a small warming and cooling is a good time for fishing. However, if the temperature rises sharply, or the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 15 ℃, it is not suitable for fishing. Because when the temperature rises sharply or the temperature difference between day and night is 15 ℃, under the action of sunlight, the difference between the water surface temperature and the water bottom temperature will be very large.

in spring, the fish tend to be warm. Therefore, in the weather with large temperature difference, the fish will stay in the water meter in a quiet place to bask in the sun for heating. If we fish at the bottom at this time, it will be very difficult to harvest. In this case, although you can take the bait to the mouth of the floating fishing method, but fishing is also difficult to have a good harvest. If the temperature is relatively stable, the temperature difference between day and night is less than 10 ℃, or the temperature drops slightly, the fish will be very active, so try to choose this kind of weather for fishing, it is often easier to have a good catch.

of course, there is no absolute fishing, bad weather, does not mean that fishing is not good! If my time is limited, then even if the weather is bad today, I will go fishing, as long as you like, the important thing is the process, why care about the result!

second, to choose a good fishing point

is also a key link in the process of fishing; Seven point fishing position, three point fishing skill & quot; It’s not the same. Just like the water temperature is still cold in early spring, so the method of location selection can be the same as fishing in winter. However, due to the rapid return of water temperature in the shallow water, the fish will go to the shallow water to find the water temperature suitable for their own survival and foraging. At this time, the shoal is a good fishing spot.

, however, in the process of beach selection, we should pay attention to selecting large beach instead of small beach; Choose the grass beach with water, not far from the clear water beach; Choose secluded beach instead of noisy beach close to highway; Small depressions, gullies and the lower edge of scarps in the selected beach, if there are small gullies and small channels converging on both sides of the water inlet of the reservoir, it is an excellent fishing point.

third, the fishing gear was

. Although the temperature began to rise, the water temperature was still low enough to make the fish active, and the large fish such as black carp, grass carp, silver carp and Bighead Carp rarely ate, so they were mainly small individual fish such as crucian carp, although sometimes they could catch carp, But it can’t be compared with summer and autumn.

therefore, the matching of fishing group should be based on the principle of being thin, small, light and flexible, and the fishing rod should also use the hand rod or slightly thin and elastic rock rod. Or use long rod and short line to fish for grass edge and grass hole.

Fourth, nest food. The bait is

. When fishing in spring, if the local temperature is not very high, the bait is still mainly fishy. If medicinal rice is used to nest, the smell of rice is stronger than that used in summer and autumn, Because the water temperature is low at this time, the diffusion speed of the smell of bait in the water is also slow. The bait can be made of live earthworm red worm, fishy bait, fishy fragrant bait, or rubbing bait made of red worm powder, shrimp powder and other flavoring materials. Mainly suitable for their own local temperature, fish reasonable choice! Fifthly, the fishing method should be proper. In spring fishing, the fishing method should be flexible. If the weather is good, and there is a suitable fishing point, then you can use the short rod for fixed-point fishing. If there is no good fishing point, we should adopt the method of long rod multi nest walking fishing. In other words, the traditional long rod and short line fishing is to observe the changes along the shore and select the nesting sites. Generally, three to four nesting sites are drilled, and then the trial fishing is carried out one by one. If there are fish, the fishing will continue, and if there are no fish, the place will be moved.

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