Tips: how to save money on car refueling

Tips for saving money on car refuelling; Before driving, the car owner should look at the fuel meter first, and calculate whether to refuel on the way according to the distance of the journey and the scale of the fuel meter. The car owner can refuel in advance instead of waiting for the oil lamp to light up& rdquo;

because the oil pump is located in the oil tank, the temperature of the oil pump is higher when it works continuously, so immersion in the fuel can effectively reduce the temperature. When the oil lamp is on, it means that the oil level is lower than the oil pump. If you wait for the lamp to light up and refuel every time, the service life of the oil pump will be shortened. If the oil tank has too little oil, the oil pump may be burned.

if you drive more than 30000 km, you need to be more careful. If there is too little oil in the tank, once the oil pump pumps up the sediment at the bottom of the tank, such as blocking the oil pump or blocking the oil circuit, you will be lucky.

if the car owner usually drives in the urban area, it is used for commuting, and it is more convenient to refuel, so it is not necessary to top up at one time. A car with a full tank of oil will increase its weight and fuel consumption. According to the current oil price, you can add 200 yuan or 25 liters of oil at a time.

2. The secret of automobile refueling: it doesn’t save

to add high-grade gasoline in urban areas. The level of gasoline grade only indicates the octane number of gasoline. Different grades of gasoline should be selected according to the different compression ratio of engine. No. 93 gasoline should be used for middle-class cars with compression ratio between 8.5 and 9.5; Cars with compression ratio greater than 9.5 should use 97 gasoline. At present, the compression ratio of domestic cars is generally above 9, and it is better to use 93 or 97 gasoline.

vehicles usually drive in the urban area, and half of the driving time is less than 60km / h. adding No. 97 gasoline will not have obvious advantages over No. 93 gasoline. If you want to give full play to the efficiency of the engine, you should use No. 97 gasoline only when you run more than 100km / h for a long time.

3, the secret of car refueling: sooner or later, the quality of refueling more sufficient

refueling time is a trick. Generally, the temperature is relatively low in the morning and evening, and the gasification point of gasoline is relatively low, so refueling should be done in the morning and evening. Gasoline has the property of heat expansion and cold contraction, and gasoline is charged by volume. In the case of low temperature, the density of gasoline is relatively high, the mass per unit volume is relatively large, and there is more refueling. The car owner can prepare a pair of silk stockings in the trunk of the car. If the car owner is forced to refuel in a place with no mental spectrum, the silk stockings can be put on the oil gun to effectively filter impurities.

warm tips: to refuel the car, you need to choose the right label according to the requirements. You can add as many as you need. Gasoline is not the higher the label, the better. It’s the right car for you.

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