Tips of life 45 tips of life you have to know

45 tips of life.

7. Prescription for rhinitis: wash the nasal cavity with saline.

8, vitamin E eyelashes, eyelashes will become thick and long.

9. There are tea stains on many cups at home. You can use a toothpaste brush to wipe them on the tea stains, and they will come down as soon as you brush them.

10. If oil is accidentally dropped on the clothes, before washing, keep the clothes dry, then drop detergent on the place where the oil is dropped, and rub it twice, then there will be no oil mark.

11, when there is sand or foreign matter in the eyes, spit immediately, spit more, and then keep blinking, try bailing.

12. Drinking tea after eating too rich food can stimulate autonomic nervous system and promote fat metabolism.

13, coffee partner is fatter than potato chips.

14. As long as you put a small piece of chalk in the jewelry box, you can keep the jewelry glossy.

15. If you eat something with peculiar smell, such as garlic and stinky tofu, just eat a few peanuts.

16 When traveling with clothes, if you are afraid of wrinkles, you can roll up every piece of clothes.

17. If the throat and gums are inflamed, cut the watermelon into small pieces at night and eat it with salt. Remember that if it is in the evening, the symptoms will be relieved and the next day will be better.

18. Just after being bitten by a mosquito, soap will not itch.

19. If you have an ulcer in your mouth, stick vitamin C on the ulcer. After it dissolves, the ulcer will be basically good.

20. If there is a small area of skin damage or burns, apply a little toothpaste to stop bleeding and relieve pain immediately.

21, yellow teeth, you can chew peanuts in your mouth, and brush your teeth for three minutes, very effective.

22. If you eat spicy food, you feel that it is going to be spicy to death. Put a little salt in your mouth, contain it, spit it out, gargle it, and it won’t be spicy.

23. Open your mouth slightly when you look up for eyedrops, so that your eyes won’t blink.

24. If you want to wear a Thin Bracelet with a thick wrist, you can’t wear it hard. You should put a plastic bag on the handle and then wear the bracelet. It’s very good to wear and it won’t hurt your hands. It’s the same way to take it off.

25, stomach pain, according to the Hukou point.

26 When frying poached eggs, drop a few drops of hot water around the eggs. The fried eggs are very delicious.

27. When the acne is very serious, squeeze some toothpaste on it. It can reduce the swelling very quickly. It only needs to be washed off in about 2 hours, otherwise the skin will turn black.

28. Drinking green tea in the morning can stimulate the appetite and wake up the spirit. Drinking medlar in the afternoon can improve the physique and help sleep.

29. Don’t drink tea immediately after eating meat. Tea contains a lot of target acid protein, which can cause fatty liver.

30. Feet are easy to sweat in summer. Soaking feet with light salt water every day can effectively deal with sweaty feet.

31. In summer, pillows are easy to be affected by moisture and mold. It is beneficial to health to often expose the pillow core.

32. Hands are easy to become dry and rough. Soak hands in vinegar for 10 minutes to protect skin.

33. When the milk is overdue and cannot be drunk, the dishcloth can be soaked to wipe the table floor, and the dirt can be removed quickly.

34. Raw water is not suitable for cooking. If you cook with boiling water, vitamin B1 will not be lost.

35. Girls’ silk stockings are easy to be scratched by sharp objects. After they buy them, they will be frozen in the refrigerator for a while. If they wear them again, they won’t be easy to break.

36 Put the birthday candle in the refrigerator freezer for 24 hours, and then put it on the cake. After lighting it, no candle oil will flow down and dirty the cake.

37. To make the soup delicious, cook the meat slowly in cold water; To make the meat delicious, cook it in hot water.

38. Soak the cup with hot water in cold water, and then sprinkle a handful of salt in cold water, which can speed up the cooling of boiling water.

39, before applying nail polish, wipe the nails with cotton dipping vinegar. When the vinegar is dried and then apply nail polish, nail polish will not come off easily.

40. The eggs can be cut with silk thread, which is uniform and not sticky to the yolk. Hot the knife in hot water and then cut it. It’s neat and beautiful.

41 After eating garlic, drinking a cup of milk can eliminate the peculiar smell of garlic left in the mouth.

42. Apply strong tea or overnight tea to your eyelashes. It will last for a week.

43. Honey has strong bactericidal ability to pathogenic bacteria, and regular consumption of honey can prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

44, migraine hands can be immersed in hot water, water to soak the wrist is appropriate, half an hour later, the pain can be reduced.

45. The plastic bottle cap is too tight to open. Put it in the refrigerator to freeze for a while, and then it can be easily unscrewed.

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