Tips on rust removal in daily life: tips on how to remove rust from metal appliances

tips on how to remove rust from metal appliances

general household metal appliances are not made of metal with stable structure, such as gold and silver, so it is easy to oxidize and rust. Room as long as there is oxygen and water, rust is inevitable, then, how do we rust for metal appliances? 360 life common sense network to introduce some metal derusting tips, through these tips let you learn some derusting skills.

metal picture frame Rust Removal Tips :

metal picture frame rust, you can use potato skin to wipe, you can wipe the rust.

silver rust tips :

silver spoon or other silver rusty, with toothpaste, you can wipe the bright.

tips for removing copper rust :

copper utensils, especially the rusty tableware, are not only bad for appearance, but also prone to food poisoning. To get rid of the rust, you can use this method: 160 grams of sawdust, 60 grams of fossil powder, 240 grams of wheat bran and about 50 grams of vinegar are poured together, mixed into a paste, and applied to the bronze ware. After the wind dries, the rust will be removed.

Rust Removal Tips :

1, wipe the stains with 15% acetic acid solution (15% tartaric acid solution can also be used), or soak the rusty part in the solution, and rinse it with water the next day.

2. Use 10% citric acid solution or 10% oxalic acid solution to wet the rust spots, then soak them in concentrated salt water, and wash and rinse the next day.

3, white cotton fabric and blended fabric stained with rust, can take a small grain of oxalic acid (sold in pharmacy) on the stain, drop some warm water, gently rub, and then rinse with water. Pay attention to the fast operation to avoid the clothes being corroded.

4. If you have fresh lemon at home, you can squeeze out some juice and drop it on the rust stains. Rub it with your hands several times until the rust stains are removed, and then wash it with soapy water.

the following are some metal derusting tips :

1. Wipe the rusty kitchen knife and fork with the cut onion to remove the rust.

2, white ceramic tiles and ceramic washbasin, bathtub and other yellow brown spots, with the same amount of salt and cool mix heating, painted in the place to be scrubbed, standing for half an hour and then scrubbing, can make the porcelain white.

3. Apply the dissolved blue alum to the rust. After one hour, the rust will be easily wiped off, and the serious rust can be wiped again.

4. Often immerse iron ware in rice washing water to prevent iron ware from rusting; For rusty iron ware, soak it in rice washing water for 5 hours, pick it up and wipe it, it is easy to remove rust.

5. To remove the rust of bronze ware, use gauze dipped in vinegar and salt water to wipe hard, wash with clean water, then wash with detergent, when it is not completely dry, wipe with special oil for bronze ware, and finally dry with dry towel.

6. Use radish chips or potato chips with a little fine sand to scrub the rust on the kitchen knife. The rust is easy to remove.

7. Pound the paraffin into fine powder, add the same amount of kerosene, put it in a warm place to dissolve the paraffin, mix it with kerosene fully, and apply it on the rusty utensils. After 24 hours, wipe it with cloth to remove the rust. If you don’t use iron utensils for a period of time, you can use this solution to coat the utensils, which can effectively prevent rust.

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