Tips to prevent car rust

Tips to prevent car rust:

tips to prevent car rust:

1. Frequently check the humidity of the place easy to accumulate water.

some voids such as the bottom of the car body and the floor inside the car are easy to accumulate sludge. If the car owner does not clean it in time, the moisture will be hidden. Therefore, the inner and outer edges of the wheel hub, the door, the bottom corner of the trunk, the key hole of the door and the movable parts of the wiper frame should be inspected frequently. At the same time, the drainage holes of the door and the body should be kept unblocked, and the humidity of the cover inside the car, such as the carpet, should be checked to prevent the floor parts from rusting.

2. Watch out for minor scars.

the surface of car paint is often rusted. In addition to the common collision and scratch, the small stones that bounce up from the tires when driving hit the paint surface will also make the paint surface appear small peeling spots one by one, which will produce small rust spots after a long time. And because most of these small scars are in humble places, they are easy to be ignored. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the car body, engine hood and around the car body at ordinary times. Once it is found, it is necessary to go to a professional beauty shop in time to deal with it.

3, it is better not to cover the car clothes.

when the vehicle is parked outdoors, if it’s windy and rainy, the interior of the car’s coat will be repeatedly painted. Especially if the wind and sand blow into the car’s coat, numerous small scratches will be scratched on the car body, and the paint will be blackened over time. In addition, don’t use a duster or rag to clean the sand on the car body directly after sand blowing, but wash it with clean water, which is also to prevent the sand on the duster and rag from scratching the paint surface.

4, sealing glaze with soft paint.

some vehicles with soft paint surface may also cause fine scratch when sand particles hit the vehicle body at high speed. For this kind of car, you can make glaze for the body, it can form a strong protective film, improve the hardness of the paint, the effect can be maintained for about a year. The coating can also achieve a similar effect. In addition, chassis armor or plastic sealing can be applied to the bottom of the vehicle, which can protect the chassis from acid rain and corrosion, prevent the original protective layer from cracking and falling off, and prevent the impact of small and medium stones on the chassis when driving.

5, touch up pen can deal with scratch.

if the corrosion is not very serious, you can use a very fine water sandpaper dipped in water to gently grind away the rust spots, but avoid random grinding without direction, and grind in a straight line in the same direction. After wiping completely, apply a layer of primer. In case of new scratch, the primer can be applied directly after wiping. After that, if the vehicle is equipped with a small can of original paint, you can wait for the primer to dry, and then use sandpaper to smooth it, and apply the original paint on top of the primer. If there is no original paint, you can buy a touch up paint pen and use it for coloring. Although the effect of such treatment is not as good as that of going to the beauty shop, it can also prevent the expansion and aggravation of rust if it is a small or unobtrusive scar.

6. Applying toothpaste can prevent rust temporarily.

when new small scars are found, gently smear the toothpaste on the scratches. Don’t forget to paint it again after rain or car washing. This can generally reduce the scratch mark, but also can simply play a role in isolation, prevent rust, no problem in the short term. Especially white car paint, the effect is the most obvious.

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