Tips to prevent hair bifurcations: eight precautions to avoid hair bifurcations:

hair tip bifurcations are more common in long hair. If the care is not proper, short hair will also have bifurcations, but as long as the daily

hair bifurcations how to do

1, choose the shampoo suitable for you.

everyone’s hair quality is different, so when choosing shampoo, you must choose the one suitable for your hair. As long as it is suitable for you, it is the best, not necessarily the most expensive one is the most suitable for you.

2, the correct way to wash your hair. Wash your hair frequently to keep your scalp clean. The more oily your hair is, the less you can wash it with very hot water. Wash it with warm water. Generally, the hair is thin and soft. When washing the hair, the action should be gentle. Don’t use too much force. Get rid of the bad habit of staying up late.

if a person stays up late for a long time, his body is in a state of fatigue, coupled with lack of sleep, it is easy to lead to excessive mental pressure. At this time, the nutrition at the end of his hair may not keep up, which will lead to insufficient nutrition at the end of his hair, leading to bifurcation.

4. Go to barber’s more.

for most girls, when our hair grows to a certain length, if we don’t trim it in time, it will cause disorder of scalp oil metabolism, and prone to hair bifurcation, affecting the health of hair. Therefore, regular repair of hair is needed, which can not only prevent the occurrence of hair bifurcation, but also make the hair look smooth and glossy, and promote better growth of hair.

5 Be sure to use conditioner.

hair conditioner is very important and effective. It’s best to use it after every shampoo, but you should pay attention to choose the conditioner suitable for your hair quality. Improper use will aggravate the bifurcation.

6, changes in eating habits.

reduce the intake of greasy, spicy and other irritating food. Eating more coarse fiber foods, fresh fruits and vegetables can also improve the quality of hair.

7. Avoid using hair dryer.

when taking care of your hair, you should try to avoid using a hair dryer, especially when your hair is wet. If you really need to, you should also try to dry your hair before blowing, and apply a layer of conditioner on it.

8, avoid perm and dyeing

if your hair has serious bifurcations, don’t try perm for the time being. The basic components and oxidation in perm and hair dye solution will damage the scales on the surface of hair. Make the internal structure of the hair in an unprotected state, will make the internal water and nutrients loss, harmful to the hair, scalp and hair follicles, will more or less make the hair keratin denaturation, make the hair easy to yellow, bifurcation, no luster, no elasticity.

Note for hair furcation

(1) do not conduct excessive chemical treatment on hair, such as perm, bleaching, dyeing and excessive use of hair dryer.

(2) avoid strong sun exposure in summer.

(3) avoid using improper shampoo.

(4) ensure enough sleep time to prevent fatigue.

(5) to avoid seawater erosion.

(6) for those with long hair, it’s better to cut the ends of hair once every 40 days to avoid hair bifurcation, and use oily shampoo instead, and bake oil regularly.

(7) massage scalp with hair brush to improve blood circulation and stimulate oil secretion.

(8) when blowing, the hair must be moistened first. Do not blow when the hair is dry.

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