Tips to save money for supermarket shopping: big packaging is always more expensive than small packaging

everyone needs to buy things every day, whether it’s food or daily necessities, everyone can’t do without shopping. But do you really shop? In fact, there are some skills in shopping. I’d like to share some shopping skills with you today, hoping to help you.

Supermarket shopping tips

the most obvious thing on the shelf is often what the supermarket wants to sell most.

the tallyman of the supermarket will put the most eye-catching and profitable products on the shelves that are easy for ordinary people to see. Research shows that in the supermarket shopping process, the consumption ability of tall men is the lowest, this is because tall people tend to focus on the shelves above the eyes of ordinary people, and the shelves above are often placed with the most cost-effective and inexpensive goods. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that women should wear a pair of high-heeled shoes when they go shopping in the supermarket, so that they can skillfully avoid opening the attractive commodities on the middle shelf!

the snack beside the cash register makes you salivate!

when you are waiting in line at the supermarket cashier to check out, you usually feel bored and notice some snacks beside the cashier. Yes, they are really attractive! Beautiful packaging, attractive description, and focus on magazines, TV programs, bus stop advertising, the shadow of these small commodities everywhere.

the snacks placed next to the cash register are often mainly candy and chocolate. Most of these little guys have extremely high calories, and they have a great profit margin. Have you noticed a phenomenon that there are always several cash registers in the supermarket that stop collecting money. This is by no means a coincidence. Most of the time, it’s just to prolong the queuing time of customers. The purpose is to increase the average consumption amount. Can you guarantee that you’ll keep staring at these snacks? If you want to control your figure without spending money, Xiaobian advises you to play with your mobile phone and brush your circle of friends when you are in line, so as to spend your waiting time and distract yourself.

lights make vegetables and fruits fresher.

many smart businesses also make use of color psychology, often using lights to set off the colors of vegetables and fruits, making them look more fresh and attractive. For example, have you noticed that the environment in the fresh area of the supermarket is relatively red? Yes, the reddish light shines on meat, the greenish light shines on vegetables, and the warm light shines on fruits.

Xiaobian suggests that when you choose fresh food in the supermarket, in addition to checking its price tag and packaging, you should have a long mind to take it away from the light above the shelf, so that you can objectively and truly judge its freshness through the appearance of the goods.

vegetables and fruits look good does not mean good.

don’t ask too much for the appearance of fruits and vegetables. It’s understandable that there are some small defects. For example, scarred apples may be sweeter, ugly tomatoes or juicy ones. You know, some fruits do look very beautiful, but the fruit growers may spend a lot of time on the appearance of the packaged fruits, coloring and waxing. Although these artificial skills may make the fruits and vegetables have a good-looking skin, they will add a lot of security risks to the food itself.

don’t take it easy.

drinks, wine or dairy products that have just been put on the shelves are usually placed in the places that ordinary people can’t see. When you look at them, the first thing you see is the dairy products that are placed on the outermost shelf, which are not the latest production time. Of course, supermarkets want to sell the products that have been put away for a long time. In addition, almost all customers who come to the supermarket will habitually take the outermost products. After all, it is convenient and convenient, so this location is also the best location for the fastest flow of goods. Xiaobian advises you not to take it directly when you go to the supermarket. Although you can’t pass the deadline, it’s better to take the new date than the old one.

Practical new shopping skills

1. Parallel to the line of sight, the profit is very high.

there is a common principle in the arrangement of supermarket goods: you are always the goods that the merchant wants to sell. Therefore, supermarkets usually make higher profits or quickly expire products by 1.5m to 1.7m. Remember, if you limp or bend, you can choose a good and cheap product.

2, most want to sell things to the right

supermarkets are used to using their right hand to place the most profitable goods on the right side of the main shopping channel or window on the right side of the main shopping channel or display. Therefore, visiting the supermarket may want to pick up the goods with your left hand.

3, the introduction of many products with small profit

. When you enter the supermarket, you may have a lot of special prices on your face. Please keep calm. People always think that the goods in front are general and the goods inside are better, so they often buy more.

4, fresh goods in the innermost

in the supermarket milk, yogurt and refrigerator food, I like to put the fresher products in the innermost, and then gradually change every day. If you want to buy a new factory date, please choose the innermost item.

5. Higher profits of vegetables and fruits

most of the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket are on display in the center for two reasons:

. First, psychological studies have found that due to the long-term human

6, the price of the east wall fills the price of the west wall

. The supermarket uses the halo effect of psychological power to reduce food consumption, The price of daily necessities and other necessities, so you can form a cheaper supermarket image, and unconsciously think everything is cheap. Then, the supermarket will set higher prices for other items and make up for the losses.

7, now sell now taste attractive

, the smell of food stimulates the secretion of various digestive enzymes in the body, so that you can increase the amount of food you buy without knowing it. At this time, please calm down! how much!

8, children’s money is better to make money

, the most likely impulse to buy is children. Children’s consumption is irrational and possessive. They can manipulate their parents emotionally. It is in this consumer psychology that supermarkets have a sales strategy to make money for children:

. First of all, children’s product displays are carefully arranged. It’s good to put attractive food on the way children have to go, and the third is to put children’s products near women’s necessities. Some businessmen quietly raise the price of their goods and then attach gifts; There are also many supermarkets that often bundle the fast expired products with the authentic ones, and consumers tend to ignore the production date.

10, special area, fish in trouble

promotion activities are usually carried out in supermarkets in Nanjing, but some promotion activities may not be cheap. For example, there will be some original prices in the special area. In fact, many special offers are not worth the price.

11 Big packing is more expensive than small packing.

many consumers will buy more habitual thinking rather than less. In fact, the price of large package is more expensive than that of small package.

this situation mainly exists in leisure food such as drinks, potato chips and so on. Moreover, the weight and price of these commodities are often not integers, such as 480 grams and 458 grams, so consumers can’t figure out which ones are more cost-effective.

12. The fruit of the cut fruit is suspicious.

how much can be eaten of the cut fruit? This sales method is very convenient for consumers, but the origin is suspicious. Every day, due to appearance or deterioration and other problems, a large number of fruits in the supermarket can not be sold. The general practice is to make them zero and sell them separately.

some supermarket workers in Nanjing cut off the bad parts of fruits and vegetables with knives, and the remaining parts were cut into small pieces and wrapped in plastic wrap. There is no problem. The quality of the goods consumers buy may be greatly reduced.

13. Use light to seduce color

cunning light often makes food more beautiful. Generally speaking, meat is usually red, bread is usually yellow and seafood is usually blue.

14, most of the guides get a rebate of

. Some brands with little influence usually don’t have a lot of money to advertise, and the quality is not outstanding. Therefore, the use of sea tactics, placed a large number of shopping guides in the supermarket, and provide a high percentage.

15. Checkout is the last shopping trip.

the survey found that people trapped in the long-term checkout team were 25% more likely to buy candy and drinks on the shelves. The goods at the checkout counter are usually daily necessities or inexpensive snacks.

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