Tips to solve the problem of poor zipper

tips to solve the problem of poor zipper. Today, let’s share two small steps, the zipper can return to normal!

1. The main reason why the zipper can’t be pulled is that the distance between the upper and lower cards on the zipper is widened or the left and right cards are widened. Just use the pliers to gently clamp the upper and lower cards or the left and right cards. Don’t use too much force to avoid damaging the zipper head! After repair, you can apply a little wax on the zipper, which will make it smoother in the future. If you clamp it with pliers many times and it breaks down in a few days, you should consider replacing the zipper head.

2. It can’t be pulled

if the zipper can’t be pulled, you can apply soap or wax on it, and then slide it up and down several times to pull the zipper.

3. Tips for using zipper:

in order to avoid frequent problems with zipper, there are some tips for using zipper on weekdays!

1. Don’t stretch too tightly to avoid opening.

2. Don’t pull too fast, too hard, let alone hard.

3. The zipper must be pulled up when washing clothes, otherwise the zipper will fall off and be damaged after being washed and twisted by washing machine and dryer.

4. Always apply a layer of wax on the zipper and pull it back to make sure it runs smoothly.

5. Check the zipper frequently and pay attention to whether there is & lt; Take off the teeth& ldquo; Skew & quot; If there is looseness, use a small hammer on the zipper head to make the upper and lower serrations bite a little bit, so that the serrations will not often fall off.

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