To distinguish the quality of Pu’er tea

tea has a long history in China, which occupies an unshakable position in the historical stage of China. Among many kinds of tea, many people especially like to drink Pu’er tea. They think Pu’er tea has unique taste and health care effect, which is one of the essential good products in life. Then do you know how to distinguish the quality of Pu’er tea? People who don’t know will follow Xiaobian to learn how to distinguish the quality of Pu’er tea.

1, appearance. First of all, we should look at the appearance of Pu’er tea. Whether it’s tea cake, brick tea, Tuo tea, or other kinds of Pu’er tea, we should first look at the strip shape of the tea, whether the strip shape is complete, whether the leaves are old or tender. Generally speaking, the old leaves are larger and the tender leaves are smaller. If the appearance of a piece of tea cake can’t see the obvious strip (the pattern formed by pieces of tea), it seems to be more broken and fine, it is made of inferior tea.

2. The color of tea depends on whether the tea is dark or light, and the gloss. The color of authentic tea is pig liver. Generally, it takes more than five years for Pu’er tea to show the color of black and reddish.

3. Look at the color of the soup. It depends on the color of the soup. The quality of Pu’er tea should be transparent and shiny, and the surface of the soup looks like oil beads. The tea soup with poor quality turns black and black.

4, smell tea. Smell. What Chen tea wafts out is a kind of sweet and refreshing taste, not “Stinky servant taste”. In addition, we also need to see whether the bottom of the leaves is complete and whether there is softness.

some black shops in the market often confuse the buyers who can’t understand the tea, and they will sell the inferior Pu’er which has been stored for many years as the superior Pu’er, so we should polish our eyes and use the above methods to see what the superior Pu’er tea is. Finally, I hope everyone can drink healthy tea.

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