To eat strawberries, follow these principles to teach you how to choose strawberries

When you eat strawberries, you should follow these principles to teach you how to choose strawberries

3 tips

red fruit, green leaf, no damage to the skin

when you choose strawberries, you can start from the appearance, choose those with bright red color, fresh green pedicel leaves, even distribution of skin seeds and no damage to decay. If the white part of the appearance is too much or with cyan, it means that it is not mature and should not be purchased. It’s not that the bigger the strawberries are, the better they taste. The bigger the strawberries are, the lighter they taste. Therefore, strawberry, which is bigger than quail egg and has ruddy color, has better taste. In addition, strawberries have high water content and thin skin, which are easy to rot and deteriorate due to mechanical damage or microbial invasion. It is recommended to buy and eat strawberries now.

cleaning 2 key

water washing, finally to the pedicle

because the strawberry surface is not completely smooth, but concave convex, easy to have pesticide residues, so it is recommended that you clean before eating. It should be reminded that when washing strawberries, do not remove the leaves of the pedicel first, so as to avoid the impurities and pesticides attached to the strawberries from the pedicel during the cleaning process. The correct way of cleaning is to gently rinse with water, and then remove the pedicle. If you are still not at ease, you can use a soft toothbrush with water, gently brush the surface, pay attention not to use too much force.

preservation 1 key

sealed cold storage without touching water

delicate strawberries are easy to rot when they touch water and are not easy to preserve. It’s best to wash strawberries before eating them. If you don’t eat the strawberries immediately, the correct storage method is to spread the paper towel or toilet paper under the plate, put the strawberries, seal them with plastic wrap or sealed bag, and put them in the refrigerator (the best storage temperature of strawberries is 0 ℃ ~ 10 ℃). As long as it doesn’t touch water and is well sealed, it can be put for 3-4 days. If the strawberry is of good quality, it can be put for about 5 days. If you want to keep it longer, it is recommended to put it in the refrigerator freezer and make it into frozen strawberry.

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