To prevent gastric cancer, we should eat these foods:

. To prevent gastric cancer, we should eat these foods:

1 and onion:

. Eating onion can reduce the content of nitrite in the stomach. The important thing is that onion contains a kind of quercetin, which is a natural anticancer substance. Studies show that people who eat onions often have less cancer than those who eat less or do not eat onions, and the incidence rate of gastric cancer is also 30% lower than that of those who eat onions. 25%.

2 and garlic

are recognized as anti-cancer food with obvious anti-cancer effect. Epidemiological survey shows that the incidence rate of gastric cancer is very low among the people who eat raw garlic, because garlic can significantly reduce nitrite content in the stomach, reduce the possibility of nitrite synthesis, and thus play a cancer prevention effect.

3, mushroom

. These foods include winter mushroom, Lentinus edodes (mushroom food), Flammulina velutipes, and Auricularia auricula. Scientists have found that many mushrooms in food contain anticancer substances, which can prevent cancer. For example, the polysaccharide contained in the mushroom has a very high anti-cancer rate. The polysaccharides of Auricularia auricula and Auricularia auricula are also effective anticancer substances. Mushroom food is rich in crude fiber and calcium (calcium food), which can prevent cancer and improve human immunity.

early prevention and treatment of gastric cancer

most patients with gastric cancer have no early symptoms. In the early stage of gastric cancer, only some patients have mild dyspepsia and other symptoms, such as epigastric pain and discomfort, mild fullness, pain, belching, nausea, etc., which are easily confused with gastric ulcer and gastritis. Among the 400000 new gastric cancer patients in China every year, the operation rate of early gastric cancer is less than one tenth. In recent years, the use of gastroscopy makes more gastric cancer can be detected in the early stage, greatly reducing the mortality of gastric cancer. If gastric cancer is limited to gastric mucosa.

changes in the nature of pain ulcer disease is characterized by regular pain. Gastric ulcer is satiety pain. The pain appears in half an hour to 2 hours after meal and disappears before the next meal. Duodenal ulcer is a kind of hunger pain, also known as empty abdominal pain. The pain usually appears in a few hours after a meal and lasts until the next meal. After eating, the pain can be alleviated or completely disappeared, and some patients may have nocturnal pain. Once the nature of gastric ulcer pain has changed, we should be alert to the possibility of canceration and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

obviously emaciated patients with gastric ulcer over 40 years old have symptoms of anorexia, meat aversion, nausea, vomiting, overnight or dark red food vomiting, poor nutritional status, obvious emaciation, fatigue and weakness in a short period of time, and the deterioration of drug treatment effect may be the signal of malignant transformation.

there is a fixed mass. Some patients with gastric ulcer can feel the mass in their heart socket, which is hard and the surface is not smooth, and the mass increases rapidly. If the pressure is painful, it may be malignant transformation.

unexplained black stool generally can be seen after eating a large amount of pig, sheep, chicken and other animal blood, and also after taking certain drugs. If the ulcer patient has unexplained black stool, or the stool test continues to have blood, special attention should be paid to further investigation, which is often the precursor of malignant transformation.

most people’s stomach diseases are caused by eating. To prevent gastric cancer, we should take care of our mouth in advance. We should not eat too salty food and eat less smoked food. Because high salt, smoked food will make gastric epithelial cells produce carcinogens. Quit smoking and drink less alcohol. Tobacco itself contains carcinogens. The incidence of gastric cancer in smokers is half higher than that in non-smokers. The lower the age of starting smoking, the higher the mortality. Alcohol can damage gastric mucosal barrier, and the incidence rate of gastric cancer in drinking spirits is several times that of non drinkers. Try to eat regularly, avoid eating too fast, eating hard and overeating. Try to implement & lt; Separate chopsticks system;. Half of the normal people carry Helicobacter pylori, which can promote gastric cancer. Eating together with chopsticks, feeding parents and children mouth-to-mouth can infect the disease.

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