To prevent liver cancer, eat more of these foods

Prevention of liver cancer eat more of these foods

prevention of liver cancer eat more of these foods

autumn and winter season is the season of high incidence of liver cancer, so daily prevention of liver cancer, nourishing liver is very important. It is not only because the immunity of patients with liver cancer is low in this period, but also because the air is dry and the temperature is low, which is easy to cause other diseases. To prevent liver cancer in autumn, you can eat more of the following food.

1, bamboo shoots: catharsis, detoxification

bamboo shoots diet can achieve catharsis, intestinal Escherichia coli can make bamboo shoots cellulose synthesis of vitamins needed by the human body, but also with intestinal cholesterol metabolite cholic acid synthesis can not be absorbed compound waste discharged from the body.

dietotherapy recommendation: 60 grams of Pleurotus ostreatus and Hericium erinaceus, 200 grams of lean pork or black chicken, 600 grams of bamboo shoots, sliced, fried with vegetable oil or stewed with slow fire, regular consumption can prevent gastrointestinal cancer and liver cancer, and those with severe gastric bleeding and esophageal varices should be careful to eat bamboo shoots.

2, asparagus: reduce fatigue

asparagus contains nucleic acid, folic acid, glutathione, choline, arginine, mannan, peptidase, rutin, etc. can effectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Asparagus can also be used as nutrition for liver cancer patients to reduce fatigue and increase appetite.

, lettuce: increase appetite, prevent anemia

lettuce leaves are rich in calcium, carotene and vitamin C, and odorasin can promote gastric juice, digestive enzymes and bile secretion, help hepatitis B, hepatitis C virus carriers and chronic liver disease patients to increase appetite. Liver cirrhosis with anemia often eat lettuce, can promote the secretion of organic acids and enzymes, increase iron absorption, help platelet rise and recovery, prevent the deterioration of the disease.

food therapy recommendation: peeled lettuce, sliced and stir fried, crisp and delicious.

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