To reduce the risk of cancer, safe and healthy barbecue methods

with the arrival of hot weather, the roadside barbecue stalls are gradually more and more, every night, it is always full of smoke and a sea of people. Barbecue because of its delicious taste, coupled with a variety of forms & mdash& mdash; Seaside barbecue, roadside barbecue, open-air barbecue, in store barbecue, and even at home can be roasted, simple and easy, and loved by people. However, from a healthy perspective, barbecue is not suitable to eat, and eating will absorb high concentrations of carcinogens, which will greatly increase the incidence rate of gastric cancer and other diseases. What if we can reduce the risk of cancer? Let’s take a look.

Method 2: it is suggested that the best choice for barbecue is low-fat meat

. Many people prefer beautiful and nourishing fat meat, but baking high-fat meat means more carcinogens. Experts suggest that the best choice for barbecue is low-fat meat, such as chicken, seafood, etc. And sausage, sausage, ham, lunch meat, bacon and other processed meat products can also be less, because these foods contain nitrate and nitrite, even if the addition amount meets the safety standards, but in high temperature barbecue, it is inevitable to produce nitrosamine carcinogens.

Eat it after barbecue, help to discharge carcinogens in the body:

barbecue is delicious, but it is not suitable to eat more. After eating once in a while, you need to pay attention to the remedial measures after meals, eating these will minimize the risk of cancer in barbecue.

1, banana: banana contains anticancer substances, banana can inhibit the carcinogenic effect of benzopyrene to a certain extent, protect gastrointestinal tract.

2, pear: after eating pear, it can significantly reduce the accumulation of strong carcinogens polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the body, and the heated pear juice contains more anticancer substances & mdash& mdash; Polyphenols.

3, kiwifruit: kiwifruit contains glutathione, which is helpful to inhibit the mutation of cancer inducing gene.

4, garlic: garlic can block the synthesis of nitrosamine carcinogens, protect the liver and improve the detoxification function of the liver.

5, tomato: tomato is cool, has a strong heat detoxification, inhibit the effect of disease, lycopene can effectively remove free radicals in the body.

6 Apple: polyphenols and flavonoids in apple are natural chemical antioxidants, which can effectively resist carcinogens.

7, oranges: oranges are also rich in vitamins, which can improve the body’s ability to resist the invasion of bacteria, eliminate the harmful free radicals in the body, and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

8, drink green tea: green tea is rich in tea polyphenols, phosphorus catechins, vitamin E, flavonoids and other substances, which can decompose toxins to a certain extent and effectively inhibit cell mutation and canceration.

9, carrots: carrots contain plant fiber, help defecate, avoid the accumulation of toxic substances poisoning the intestinal tract, play a role in preventing pathological changes of cancer. Carotene, vitamin B2, folic acid and other ingredients also have the function of cancer prevention.

reminds you that barbecue is delicious, but it does great harm to our health. Cancer doesn’t form overnight. When eating barbecue, friends may as well follow the above suggestions to prevent cancer.

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