To simplify: take 6 steps to say goodbye to messy

beautiful home to simplify: take 6 steps to say goodbye to messy

1, small pieces Storage & mdash& mdash; Large rows of lattice bookshelves create a sense of tidiness. many people like to collect dolls. Large dolls have low placement requirements, but if the small and many dolls are not well stored, the home will be in a mess. The large rows of lattice bookshelves are the gospel of small pieces. They are neatly placed in the lattice, which not only solves the storage problem, but also shows the beauty of the home.

2, small clothes storage & mdash& mdash; Classify with the help of special hangers. girls always have a lot of clothing accessories, such as silk scarves, belts of various styles, etc. these small items can be found in time when they are classified and stored. Special lattice hangers can be placed in the wardrobe to catch all the small items, and the matching of clothes is also clear at a glance.

3, storage of fragmentary articles on worktable & mdash& mdash; With the help of desktop lattice storage box and desktop small storage tube. stationery on the desktop is always fragmentary, orderly storage can work smoothly, pencil case and small lattice desktop storage box is essential.

4, jewelry storage & mdash& mdash; The storage of wall decoration is clear at a glance. The storage of jewelry is also very particular. A few nails are nailed on the wall to classify and store necklaces, and several jewelry boxes are placed on the table to classify and store rings, bracelets, earrings and other small accessories.

5, shoe storage & mdash& mdash; Hanging shelf storage and display. women always buy shoes and bags, which are difficult to store because of their shape. Shoes are fragmentary and can’t be folded, so they can be stored with the help of hanging shelf.

6, packet storage & mdash& mdash; Big bag sets small bag, zero but not disorderly. big bag, small bag, medium bag, each bag is the meat of a woman’s heart, small bag can be neatly placed in the storage box, large bag can be placed in the shelf to prevent crushing.

the classification of fragmentary small items is more complicated. Compared with bulk storage, small items are small and fragmentary, which are easy to be mixed up and difficult to quickly identify in large storage. If you also have such troubles, you might as well try these tips.

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