Tomato and potato is a perfect match!

Tomato and potato is a perfect match!

tomato efficacy

tomato alias tomato, persimmon, ancient name June persimmon, good news three yuan. The fruit has rich nutrition and special flavor. Every 100 grams of fresh fruit contains about 94 grams of water, 2.5-3.8 grams of carbohydrate, 0.6-1.2 grams of protein, 20-30 mg of vitamin C, carotene, mineral salt, organic acid, etc. It can be eaten raw, boiled and processed into tomato sauce, juice or whole fruit can. It tastes sweet, sour and slightly cold. It has the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, generating body fluid to quench thirst, nourishing yin and cooling blood, strengthening stomach and digestion. Clinically, it is mainly used in the treatment of dry mouth, hot and thirsty, loss of appetite, hypertension and coronary heart disease. Tomato is rich in lycopene, which is one of the strongest antioxidants found in natural plants; Gold in plants;.

the efficacy of potatoes

potatoes, also known as potatoes, beans, etc., are native to Peru and Chile in the Andes of South America. In the mid-16th century, potatoes were brought to Europe by a Spaniard from South America. At that time, people always appreciate its beautiful flowers and treat it as decorations. Later a French agronomist & mdash& mdash; Ann obamanci discovered that potatoes can not only be eaten, but also be used as bread. Since then, French farmers began to grow potatoes in large areas. In the early 19th century, when Peter the great of Russia visited Europe, he bought a bag of potatoes with a lot of money and planted them in the palace garden. Later, it gradually developed into folk cultivation.

what are the benefits of tomato and potato

1, control blood pressure, prevent heart disease

potato tomato can prevent and treat hypertension, because the two raw materials have a common feature, they are rich in potassium, potassium can promote the discharge of sodium salt in the blood, have the effect of reducing blood pressure, diuresis, detumescence, on hypertension, diabetes Kidney disease has a good role in adjuvant therapy.

2, stroke prevention

potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, which helps to control blood cholesterol. The mucin protein can prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce the risk of stroke, while tomatoes and other foods rich in lycopene may help men reduce the risk of stroke. The two complement each other.

3, anti fatigue, anti-aging

potatoes are rich in vitamin C, which is a water-soluble vitamin, helps the elderly’s gingival health and enhance immunity, and tomato juice has anti fatigue effect. For elderly friends who like sports, eat potatoes and tomatoes every day to improve immunity, anti-aging and anti fatigue.

4, nourishing spleen and stomach, preventing constipation; Harmonizing the stomach, regulating the middle, strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi; It is a good food for nourishing spleen and stomach.

after reading this article, don’t only know that tomato scrambled eggs, tomatoes and potatoes eat together, can reduce blood pressure, anti-aging, stomach and prevent stroke & hellip& hellip; Be sure to tell the people who cook at home this wonderful match, often eat, let the disease away from us.

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