Too many of these vitamins will affect your health!

Too many of these vitamins will affect your health!

too many of these vitamins will affect your health!

in addition to normal eating habits, some people will take a supplement to maintain their health, but if you eat a balanced diet, taking the following five vitamins is actually not good for your health, eating too much may also affect your health.

1, comprehensive vitamins

as long as your diet is balanced, buying comprehensive vitamins is a waste of money! Multivitamins contain more than 100% of the recommended daily amounts of vitamins C and a, plus iron and calcium. It does more harm than good to let the body absorb a lot of unnecessary substances.

2 and vitamin d

low levels of vitamin D are associated with heart disease, osteoporosis, emotional disorders, metabolic disorders and multiple sclerosis. To avoid these problems, you may think it’s right to take vitamin D supplements. However, some studies have found that vitamin D supplementation is not good for health. Low vitamin D is the result of poor health, not the cause, so there is no need to spend money to supplement it; As long as you go out to the sun for 10 minutes every day, you can get the amount you need every day.

3, vitamin e66677

you may think that regular vitamin E supplementation is harmless, and even helps to fight cancer. But if the dosage exceeds the daily dosage, it is very dangerous, which may lead to nausea, fatigue, blurred vision and other side effects. It is suggested to take more dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and vegetable oil to get enough vitamin E.

4 and vitamin c

are the most popular and common vitamin supplements. You can take vitamin C to prevent colds or enhance immunity. This kind of substance is rich in fruits and is important to human body operation, but it does not mean that taking 2000 mg or more vitamin C will bring many benefits; In fact, taking too much vitamin C may increase the risk of kidney stones.

5 and vitamin a

are important vitamins existing in bright yellow and orange fruits and green leafy vegetables. If you usually eat less vegetables, you want to use vitamin A or & beta- Instead of carotene supplements, be careful. Studies have found that this supplement can increase smokers’ risk of lung cancer by 28%.

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