Too much fish and meat? Wax gourd qingweihuo

Too much fish and meat? Wax gourd clear stomach fire

big fish big meat eat much? Wax gourd clear stomach fire

eat too much fish and meat, and easy to cause fire, abdominal distension, loss of appetite and other troubles. You might as well eat a big meal with some deoiled food to make it delicious and healthy. Wax gourd is a good one; Supporting role & quot;.

wax gourd is a kind of vegetable for both medicine and food; It makes people have good color, good Qi, long service, light weight and long life;. According to traditional Chinese medicine, wax gourd is slightly cold in nature, sweet in taste and non-toxic. It enters the lung, small intestine and bladder meridians. It can moisten the lung, generate body fluid, clear stomach heat, relieve vexation and thirst, detoxify and discharge pus, and has the characteristics of facilitating urination and eliminating edema.

in addition, the dietary fiber content in wax gourd is very high, which helps to stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis. Eating it with greasy food can prevent fat accumulation in the body, effectively control the conversion of sugar into fat in the body, and avoid worries for everyone.

wax gourd is very & lt; Versatile & quot;, With other dishes, it is crystal clear, refreshing and delicious. It can be stir fried, simmered or made into soup. In winter, we can make white gourd and mutton soup, peel and slice white gourd and mutton; Add oil and heat, stir fry mutton slices, then add wax gourd and other seasonings; Stir fry and add fresh soup, boil for about 10 minutes, then pour in starch juice and mix well.

this soup can not only remove dryness and reduce fire, but also has the effect of tonifying deficiency and detumescence. Stir fry the wax gourd until it is mature in 1989. Add proper amount of tremella and seasonings. When it is completely cooked, it will become the soup of wax gourd and Tremella. It is a good product for daily consumption. Need to be reminded that wax gourd is cool, spleen and stomach deficiency cold, kidney deficiency should not eat more.

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