Too much salt can lead to calcium deficiency. Eight behaviors can lead to calcium loss

calcium is one of the essential minerals for human health. If calcium deficiency, human immunity will be greatly reduced. For Chinese people, calcium seems to be an eternal topic, but many people do not know that diet is one of the main causes of calcium deficiency, even too much salt can cause calcium deficiency. Now follow to understand it!

Too much salt can cause calcium deficiency?

the main ingredient of our edible salt is sodium chloride. Research shows that the more salt you eat, the more calcium you lose in your urine. So eating too salty also causes calcium deficiency. According to the national standard, the amount of salt per person per day for adults should be controlled within 5g. The Ministry of health suggests that the amount of salt per person per day should not exceed 6G, and the amount of salt contained in the lid of a beer bottle is about 5-6G.

Eight kinds of behaviors will lead to calcium loss

1, eating too much sweets

, eating too much sweets will lead to loss of appetite, unable to eat enough natural and healthy food, and prone to malnutrition and obesity after a long time. In addition, sugar does not contain minerals, vitamins, protein, into the body will consume the body’s reserves of calcium and vitamins. Therefore, long-term excessive sugar, children are prone to malnutrition, immune decline, myopia and affect bone development.

2, partial diet or dieting

these bad habits lead to the body can not take enough vitamins, minerals and protein, the body is in the state of nutrient imbalance and malnutrition.

3, eating meat without vegetables

many people who only eat meat without vegetables think that calcium deficiency should drink more bone soup and eat more meat. In fact, among all kinds of food, meat has the lowest calcium content, and the human body cannot absorb calcium from animal bones. On the contrary, it will cause too much fat and protein, and increase the calcium content in urine. In addition, green vegetables are rich in calcium, and potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D and other substances in vegetables can promote calcium absorption.

4 Exercise less

if they are in the state of weightlessness for a long time, the bone mineral density of the human body will decline, even if they deliberately supplement calcium in their diet, they still can not completely correct the problem of calcium deficiency. Reasonable exercise can improve bone mineral density and reduce bone loss. Too little exercise will lead to calcium loss and increase the risk of osteoporosis. Vitamin D is necessary to supplement calcium. In addition to dietary vitamin D supplements, vitamin D produced by sunlight on the skin is a major source of vitamin D for the human body. Nowadays, more and more women who love beauty do not like to bask in the sun, which also aggravates the problem of calcium deficiency.

6, do not eat coarse grains

grains are high in calcium and vitamin D content, and vitamin D is an important nutrient to promote calcium absorption. But in today’s dietary habits, people tend to eat fine processed food, rarely eat coarse grains, and this diet will affect calcium intake.

7 Drink too much carbonated drinks

even if drinking carbonated drinks has nothing to do with calcium deficiency, but teenagers who often drink a lot of carbonated drinks, especially girls, are not at risk of fracture. There is scientific reason and basis that drinking too much Pu’er tea can cause calcium loss. For people who drink tea for a long time and especially like Pu’er tea, they should supplement some vitamins and minerals when they don’t drink tea. Because the principle tells us that excessive intake of phenolic acid, the body loss is not only calcium, but also other trace elements and minerals needed by the human body.

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