Toothpaste expired? Alternative usage of expired toothpaste

Toothpaste expired? Alternative usage of expired toothpaste

alternative usage of expired toothpaste

clever use of toothpaste, descaling show skill

if you usually like to drink tea or coffee, then the tea cup at home are inevitably left with tea stains or coffee stains, cleaning up is very troublesome. Use toothpaste at this time. Squeeze out the toothpaste the size of soybean and apply it evenly on the wall of the tea cup. After repeated scrubbing, the tea dirt or coffee stains will be removed quickly, and it will be as bright as new after a while.

with toothpaste, the mirror is as bright as new

. The mirror cabinet or make-up mirror often has stains left by fingers, especially the make-up mirror. Sometimes there are residual cosmetics, which make the mirror dirty. At this time might as well use the rag to dip on the toothpaste to wipe, the mirror surface stain can be wiped clean. This method is also suitable for the watches we wear in our daily life. It not only makes the mirror of the watch bright, but also makes the fine lines on the surface of the watch smooth.

clever use of toothpaste, especially clean collar

for housewives, the most difficult to wash clothes than the shirt collar and cuffs. These places can’t be cleaned by washing machine at all. They have to be rubbed by hand. Even so, it’s hard to wash. But when washing clothes, after the clothes are soaked, apply a layer of toothpaste evenly, brush lightly with an abandoned small toothbrush for about 1 minute, and then rub or machine wash according to the usual method, you will get extra clean.

skillfully use toothpaste to clean and taste

fish. It is an essential dish on the common people’s table. After cleaning the fish every time, the hands always leave a bad smell. Every time I wash my hands repeatedly with soap, it’s still hard to cover up the fishiness. Then you might as well use the toothpaste at home. After washing your hands, rub the toothpaste on your hands, then rinse it with clean water, and smell it again. The fishy smell is gone.

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