Towel has so many functions you don’t know!

towel has so many functions you don’t know!

1, towel is invisible fire equipment,

in case of fire accident, towel not only has the function of fire fighting, escape and self rescue. When escaping from a fire, cover the mouth and nose with a wet towel folded eight times to block the smoke; Gas tank nozzle leakage fire, with a wet towel, and then close the valve to put out the fire; When there is no way to escape in the fire, wet towel should be used to block the gap of the door to prevent smoke from entering the room; Waving colorful towel in the window as a help signal; Tie a rope to help yourself. Wrap a wet towel around the palm to prevent the rope from rubbing and burning the palm.

2, hot towel hot compress has magical effect

in traditional Chinese medicine; Wen Zetong, Tong Zetong & quot;, Hot compress with towel is actually to achieve the effect of warming. Hot compress can relieve visual fatigue, dizziness, spinal pain and joint pain. When hot compress, clean towel should be selected, soaked in 40-50 ℃ hot water, dried and applied to the corresponding part, there should be no burning pain when contacting the skin. Generally, it should be replaced every 5 minutes and used alternately. Each hot compress time is 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times a day.

3. Dust the woolen coat with a wet towel

. First, lay the woolen coat flat on the table, soak it with a thick towel in warm water at about 45 ℃, take it out and don’t screw it too dry. Put it on the woolen coat and beat it with hands or a stick repeatedly, so that the dust on the woolen coat is absorbed on the towel, and then wash the towel, Then cover it on the coat and pat it. Repeat this for several times to remove the dust from the coat.

4, lazy towel slimming exercise

do towel exercise every day, can effectively achieve the effect of stretching and warm body, is quite beneficial to lose weight. A towel can help you close your stomach and thin your legs, at the same time, it can achieve deep involvement, stimulate your intestines and stomach, and then improve your metabolic rate. Might as well use the towel to help stretch the lower body before going to bed, which can not only sculpt the curve, but also make you sleep more sweetly.

5, old towel DIY creative household products

towels are very beautiful when they are just bought. These towels are discarded due to partial damage. We can find out these old towels and splice them into a beautiful, soft and absorbent foot pad.

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