Towels always lose hair? How does towel drop wool to solve?

Towels always lose hair? How does towel drop wool to solve?

towel hair off how to solve?

in life, we will inevitably encounter all kinds of trivial and intractable problems, adding infinite troubles to the original wonderful life. Life tips, a little trick can make the life of small problems solved. Now let’s solve the problem of how to do the towel hair.

solution 1:

1. When cleaning rice, don’t pour out the water and store it.

2. At this time, pour the rice washing water into the pot and heat it. When the water has a certain temperature, put the towel into hot water and soak for half a minute. If your towel is a little hard, put it in and cook it for a while before taking it out.

3. After taking out the towel from the hot water, put it in cold water immediately. It’s best to have ice water, and it’s ok if you don’t have ice water. Wring, drying up, and so on after the towel dry, you will find that the towel is not only white, but also soft, and the hair does not fall off.

solution 2:

1, take a basin, put a little salt in the basin.

2. First add a little boiling water to dissolve salt, and then add half basin of cold water. So the salt water is ready.

3. Soak the towel in salt water for 20 minutes, sometimes longer. After soaking, clean it with cold water. After drying, you will find that the towel is no longer hairy.

how to make the towel not lose hair

1, when we buy, we’d better buy pure cotton texture, because pure cotton texture towel is more absorbent, easy to wash, feel good. The following three steps to teach you the method of identifying cotton towel: a look: look at the color of the towel in front of the light, the bright one is generally not cotton towel. Second touch: cotton towel feel very soft, hard is not necessarily pure cotton. Three combs: comb the towel by hand to see if it is hairy. If it is a little hairy, don’t be disappointed. Pure cotton towel is a little hairy, and the smooth towel without hairy is mostly chemical fiber towel. The kind of towel that feels very soft and slippery should be careful. It is not pure cotton in most cases.

2. If you don’t know how to buy Towels, it doesn’t matter if you happen to buy back the fluffy towel. Soak in salt water for half an hour before using. Or put the towel in hot water, soak for 20 seconds, and then quickly put it in ice water, soak for 10 seconds, take it out and screw it dry, put it for a few days, it’s OK.

3, tips to prevent newly bought towel from losing hair. Before the towel is not used, rinse it with water at about 30 ℃. After washing, squeeze out the water in the towel, put it into the net pocket and dehydrate it in the dehydrating cylinder of the washing machine; Spread the dehydrated towel on the table, and avoid hanging it in the sun; After drying in the shade, it can be ironed with steam at medium temperature (about 140 ℃). The distance between the iron and the towel should be 0.5 to 1 cm. Never press on it.

4. Every time you wash a towel, soak it with JinFang, wash it with detergent, or wash it with shampoo, you can make the towel soft and not lose hair. Secondly, change the towel regularly, and often air the towel in a ventilated place.

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