Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) health food: eat more and make your body stronger. Diet regimen:

; Little ginseng;. What effect does white radish have? If you eat too much and don’t digest, you can eat some white radish, because it can digest and accumulate; If you have a sore throat and a lot of phlegm, you can also eat white radish to remove phlegm and clear away heat. It seems that white radish has high medicinal value. How to eat white radish in traditional Chinese medicine? You can cook porridge, stew mutton and scramble eggs. There are many ways to eat. It depends on your personal preference.

2, Chinese cabbage

are very common food on our table, especially the northerners, who are crazy about Chinese cabbage in winter. What can such a common cabbage do? Although cabbage has no special features, it can relieve heat and trouble, produce body fluid and nourish stomach? Haven’t you heard a word? Cabbage is better than a hundred dishes. How to eat cabbage? The best way to eat it is to cut it into shreds, add the sweet and sour juice, which is very appetizing.

3, sesame

some people regard sesame as common seasoning, but they don’t know that sesame has great effect. Sesame has a high position in traditional Chinese medicine; Tonifying the five internal organs, growing muscles and filling the brain & quot; That’s the effect of sesame. That’s why people say that a pile of tonics is better than a handful of sesame. So how to eat sesame on weekdays? You can grind the roasted sesame into powder, make sesame paste or add it to milk.

4 Tremella

, is known as the common people’s & lt; Bird’s nest;. It can be seen that the efficacy of Tremella is also a lot, and the price is close to the people. What’s the effect of Tremella? Of course, it’s beauty and moistening. Anyway, it’s very good for your health. In fact, there is a saying among health experts all the time: & lt; The layman chooses bird’s nest, the expert eats Tremella& rdquo; It seems that Tremella is a rare health care product. There are many ways to eat tremella, simple benefits, especially stewed tremella soup, but also beauty.

5, black beans

, black beans, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe. Many old Chinese medicine will recommend kidney deficiency people eat black beans, because it can tonify the kidney, strengthen the body, Yiyin Huoxue. But black beans can not be eaten alone, you can stew ribs, or with other beans to eat together, so the kidney effect will be good.

6, mutton

we will not eat in summer, but in winter, mutton will become a favorite on the table. Why do people like mutton in winter? Because mutton can tonify the spleen and kidney, warm in the middle and warm down. In other words, if you eat more mutton in winter, you won’t feel shivering. Mutton is also a variety of meals, steamed, stewed, hot pot can be.

health recipes fruits and vegetables


Eat more fruits and vegetables to moisten the lung and prevent dryness. Experts suggest that spicy food should not be eaten more. For health preservation, eat more fruits and vegetables with pungent, sour, sweet or lung qi reducing effects, Autumn pear, white radish, carrot, lotus root, water chestnut, sugarcane, orange, hawthorn, apple, grape, lily, tremella, Huaishan and persimmon are effective fruits and vegetables to restrain autumn dryness. It’s not winter yet, so it’s better to have a light diet.

people with chronic gastritis should pay special attention to keeping the stomach warm, add clothes at the right time, and cover the quilt at night. Do not eat too cold, too hot, too hard, too spicy, too sticky food, avoid overeating.

as the weather gets cooler, it is easy to be weak and sleepy. It’s better to go to bed before 10 pm, go to bed early and get up early to adapt to & quot; Nourishing Yin in autumn and winter; It can make the human body adapt to the seasonal changes as soon as possible and keep full of energy.

spiritual recuperation is an important aspect of health preservation, especially to keep optimistic mood, keep calm, astringent spirit, and avoid the spirit of killing. There are mountains and waters in Zhuhai City. It is suggested that people should climb high to have a long view, which can make people relaxed and happy, and dispel melancholy, melancholy and other negative emotions.

hairy crabs in soy sauce

[ingredients] 500g river crabs (sea crabs can also be used), ginger, onion, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, dry flour, monosodium glutamate, rice wine, starch and cooking oil.

[practice] clean the crab, cut off the sharp claws, cut the crab belly in half, dig out the crab gills, and touch the dry flour where the crab belly is cut. Heat the pot, add oil to the pot, and fry the crab (with the side touching the flour facing down). When the crab turns yellow, turn over and fry again. Heat the crab evenly on all sides. When the crab shell turns red, add onion and ginger, yellow rice wine, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, water, and cook for eight minutes. After the crab meat is all cooked, collect the thick soup, add monosodium glutamate, and thicken with starch, Drizzle with a small amount of bright oil and remove from the pan.

[efficacy] Yiyin busui, Qingre Sanyu.

Stir fried bamboo shoots with sea rice

[ingredients] bamboo shoots 400g, sea rice 25g, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, soup and vegetable oil.

[practice] wash the bamboo shoots, loosen them with the back of a knife, cut them into 4cm long sections, and then cut them into strips. Blanch them in a boiling water pot to remove the astringency and remove the cold water. Heat the oil to 40%, fry the bamboo shoots, remove and drizzle the oil. Leave a small amount of bottom oil in the pot. Heat the bamboo shoots, soup and salt slightly. After taste, put them out of the pot; Then put the oil in the frying pan and heat it to 50%. Add the sea rice and the cooking wine. Add a little of the soup and monosodium glutamate. Pour the bamboo shoots into the frying pan and stir fry them evenly.

[efficacy] clearing away heat and phlegm, dispelling wind and supporting poison.

sugarcane porridge

[ingredients] 800ml sugarcane juice, 200g sorghum rice.

[practice] wash sugarcane juice, wash sorghum rice, put sugarcane juice and sorghum rice into the pot, and then add appropriate amount of water to make thin porridge.

[efficacy] invigorate the spleen, eliminate food, clear away heat and generate fluid.

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