Traditional Chinese medicine tells you that using cold water can also protect your health. Three kinds of drugs need to be taken with cold water

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. Traditional Chinese medicine tells you that using cold water can also protect your health

. Stop nasal bleeding

. Occasionally, nasal bleeding occurs. Press the upper middle fossa of the nose with your hand, press it to the nasal wing, and wash the nose with cold water, Or towel soaked water applied to the forehead, you can stop bleeding.

bright eyes

eyes like cold and fear heat. If you wash your face with flowing cold water, your head will be clear and your eyes will be bright. If you insist on it all the year round, you can not only reduce the occurrence of trachoma, but also maintain your eyesight and enhance your resistance to diseases.

To treat sprain

limbs sprain and contusion, local congestion or swelling, cold water can be applied immediately, which can make the broken blood vessels close quickly, control the aggravation of hematoma, stop bleeding and relieve pain.

cold prevention

if we often use cold water to wash our face or take a bath, it can play the role of strengthening our physique, greatly improve the cold resistance of our body, and effectively prevent colds.

if we often wash our face with cold water, it can play a role in strengthening our constitution. What is the relationship between cold water and drugs? Common sense, we will prepare warm water to take medicine, but some drugs, but need to use cold water delivery service to be more effective. Some functions of cold water in traditional Chinese medicine, let’s have a look.

One of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of diseases is & lt; Hot is cold, cold is hot;. It means that the treatment of febrile diseases needs cold drugs, and the treatment of cold diseases is suitable for hot drugs. If the patient is suffering from fever, taking the medicine with cold boiled water can help the medicine to play the role of clearing heat. At this time, it is not suitable to take the medicine with hot water.


for example, vitamin C is a very unstable drug. It is easy to be reduced, destroyed and lose efficacy when it is heated. Therefore, in addition to vitamin C, it is better to take it with cold boiled water.

live vaccine class

refers to the live microbial preparation made by artificial method to attenuate the pathogen or screen the non virus strain or micro virus strain of a pathogen from nature, such as polio sugar pill. Since the vaccine is prepared by fire activation or detoxification of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, the high temperature may kill these microorganisms, so it should be taken with cold boiled water, otherwise it may lead to inactivation of the vaccine and can not produce immune effect.

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