Two ways to eat yacon are recommended

speaking of yacon, I believe you should understand that yacon is actually a fruit with high efficacy and medicinal value. People usually eat some yacon, which has many benefits to their health. Ordinary people can improve their immunity by eating some Saussurea nuts, but there are two sides to Saussurea nuts. Eating Saussurea nuts is taboo. If you don’t pay attention to these, it may bring harm to your health. Now follow to understand it!

What’s the taboo of eating yacon

1? People with bad intestines and stomach can’t eat

. Although yacon has strong health care function, it is not suitable for all People with low blood sugar can not eat

yacon is a cold thing. After eating it, it will reduce the sugar content in the blood, which is not good news for patients with low blood sugar. If patients with hypoglycemia eat yacon, they may have dizziness and weakness. This is because yacon makes the sugar content in the body lower, which aggravates the symptoms of hypoglycemia.

4. People with allergies can’t eat yacon

. People with allergies can’t eat yacon. About one in 20 people will be allergic to yacon. After eating yacon, there will be skin itching, rash, diarrhea, and even poisoning or shock, So if you are allergic to yacon, you can’t eat it.

5, yacon eating too much will be inflamed

although yacon has the effect of reducing fire, but you eat too much will lead to oral fire, because yacon contains a lot of sugars and various trace elements, after eating blood sugar will rise, leading to oral ulcer. Especially those who have a history of oral ulcer, you must pay attention to the amount of yacon, not too much.

What food can’t yacon be eaten with?

what we need to pay attention to is that when we eat yacon, we must not eat it with high protein foods, such as eggs, milk, soybean milk, livestock meat, soybeans, sesame, walnut, pine nuts and other nut foods. First, it is not conducive to protein absorption. Second, it will lead to diarrhea, The third is the possibility of hypoproteinemia.

two kinds of Saussurea are recommended:

one, stew nourishing

this is suitable for winter nourishing

materials: grass carp, fish bone 4-5 pieces, ginger, carrot, Saussurea fruit, salt, cooking wine, jujube 1-2.

1. Wash the fish bones and dry them for standby. Peel and slice the ginger (about 2-3 pieces). Wash the Saussurea and cut the carrot into pieces. The surface of Saussurea will oxidize and turn black quickly after cutting. Therefore, it is recommended to boil it in hot water before boiling;

2, fish bone and ginger, add 1 teaspoon cooking wine into oil pan, fry until half cooked, set aside;

3, Saussurea involucrata, carrot, fish bone, jujube, ginger into the pot, add water, simmer for about 2 hours, add salt seasoning.

note: if crucian carp is used, it should be treated like fish bone. If pig bone is used, it should be boiled in hot water and soaked in cold water to remove the bloody smell.

2、 Sala Paidu Tongbian

this way of eating yacon can not eat too much, just the right amount.

ingredients: a yacon, a kiwi, a strawberry, salad dressing (can also be converted to yogurt or thousand island sauce)

1. Wash yacon, peel and cut it into pieces. Cook it in hot water (peeled yacon is easy to oxidize and turn black) for later use.

2, kiwifruit peeled and cut into pieces, strawberry washed and cut into pieces.

3. Mix all the fruits, add the right amount of salad dressing and stir well.

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