Types of coffee

types of coffee? Coffee is an indispensable drink for people nowadays, and it is also an indispensable weapon for people’s daily leisure and social intercourse. As for coffee, people only know that it has different kinds, but they don’t know what they have. Therefore, we should learn more about coffee. In this way, we can increase our knowledge of coffee, and we can choose different kinds of coffee to give to our friends and relatives.

coffee is originated from a small town called Kafa in Ethiopia, which means strength and passion. Nowadays, people use it as a drink for leisure and daily communication. However, we should remind you that the knowledge of coffee is extensive, we should learn more about it and increase our knowledge of coffee.

types of coffee:

1. Latte

is a perfect blend of coffee and milk. Italian latte is pure milk and coffee; American lattes replace milk with foam.

2. American coffee

uses espresso coffee machine to make light coffee, similar to the American drip filter method. It is characterized by its fresh flavor without losing its original fragrance and mellow flavor.

3. French coffee

this is the French breakfast favorite and most often drink coffee, especially suitable for the elderly and people who are not suitable to absorb caffeine. Due to the amount of milk added, the color is light brown. It’s customary to use a cup or mug larger than the ordinary coffee cup to hold. Cappuccino is the mainstream of Italian coffee culture. The origin of the name is: in the eyes of Italians, the milk cap on the mixture of hot milk and espresso looks like the hooded robe worn by church monks. The most intoxicating thing about cappuccino is the delicate and warm milk foam, gently wrapping the heat of coffee, which makes you have endless aftertaste.

the above content is a detailed introduction to the types of coffee, hoping to bring help to you. And now we all can’t do without coffee in our daily life. We have learned about coffee, so that we can taste more kinds of coffee. You can also choose different kinds of coffee to give to relatives and friends. Is this sincere.

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