Umbrella decontamination tips you don’t know umbrella maintenance tips

after using an umbrella for a period of time, you will find that the dirt on it can’t be washed clean. Here is to bring you umbrella decontamination tips.

If it’s not necessary, don’t clean the sun umbrella or sunshade umbrella. No matter how good the method is, the anti ultraviolet function of the umbrella will be weakened. If you have to clean it, you’d better wash the surface with clean water, Try not to get water on the umbrella rack to avoid rust. In fact, the best way is not to buy light colored umbrellas, so that you don’t have to work hard. And dark umbrella anti ultraviolet function is better than light umbrella!

reminds you that when you brush, you should brush along the vertical direction of the umbrella frame, and the direction should be consistent. You can’t brush vertically or horizontally. That will destroy the sunscreen of the sunshade. In addition, we choose detergent without alkali, because such detergent can not only remove the stains on the umbrella, but also will not damage the sunscreen layer of the umbrella. White vinegar can keep the original luster of the umbrella fabric. In addition, the 40 degree warm water mixed with detergent and white vinegar has no effect on decontamination. After washing the surface of the umbrella, we need to clean it with clean water. Remember, you must wash thoroughly, otherwise after the umbrella is dried, the surface will leave traces of detergent, which is very ugly. Next, put the clean umbrella in a cool place to dry.

Making of sunshade cleaning liquid

is a kind of cleaning liquid for sunshade. Cleaning liquid as long as white vinegar and detergent can, need to pay attention to be sure to choose detergent without alkali. Prepare another disposable paper cup. When the materials are ready, the work will begin immediately. The first is the detergent. Pour the detergent into the disposable paper cup. As long as the detergent doesn’t pass the bottom of the paper cup, it’s OK. Next is white vinegar. Pour half a cup of white vinegar into the cup. I remember it was half a cup, and the other half was filled with warm water of about 40 degrees. Pour about 40 degree warm water into the cup. Warm water is for white vinegar and detergent. With warm water, they can fully integrate and be more powerful. Make a good detergent, we use a brush dipped in detergent, brush sunshade on it.

Umbrella decontamination tips:

Cloth Umbrella and silk umbrella should be washed with a soft brush dipped in alcohol solution, or with warm washing powder water, and then washed with clean water to dry.

if there is any stain on the umbrella, it can be washed with half vinegar and half water.

the silk umbrella can’t open the brush, otherwise it’s too tight and easy to break.

dark umbrellas can be washed with a brush dipped in strong tea or Ivy tea, and colorful umbrellas can be washed with ammonia water to clean the stains on the umbrellas and keep their original color.

cloth umbrella is the same as raincoat, do not use gasoline, kerosene, acetone and other organic solvents to wash. Can be soaked in detergent water for a day or two, with a soft brush to clean it. The specific method is: first pour a cup of detergent into the cup, then pour half a cup of white vinegar, then stir the liquid when the water is full, and finally use a brush to easily remove the dirt from the umbrella.

How to choose umbrellas:

1. Young girls can choose colorful silk umbrellas or nylon umbrellas with exquisite decoration; The three section nylon folding umbrella which is easy to collect and carry in women’s bag is also available.

2. Young men are required to be light and flexible. They can choose two or three section folding umbrellas with plain nylon face;

3. For the elderly with slow movement, you can choose the light nylon face plum blossom bone long handle umbrella of 55-65cm in different specifications. You can also use the umbrella instead of walking stick on sunny days.

4. Children are lively and active. Children’s flower cloth umbrella with spherical plastic cap at the top and plastic cover at the end of umbrella bone can be purchased to ensure safety.

Umbrella quality identification method

to check the quality of the umbrella, we should pay attention to the following points:

① the surface of the umbrella is full, no off-line phenomenon.

(2) after 5-6 times of continuous use, the support shoulder should not fall off, and the support key should be solid.

③ handle, stem, bone and surface shall be intact, and electroplated parts shall be smooth.

4. The fabric should have strong rainproof performance, and the nylon umbrella surface should be airtight.

5. The opening button of automatic umbrella should be flexible; Gently shake, do not open.

How to do a good job in the later maintenance of the umbrella

1. In rainy days, after each use, the water should be dried and put in a ventilated place. In order to avoid the growth of bacteria moldy odor.

2. Before holding the umbrella, shake the surface of the umbrella loose, straighten the ribs, and slowly open the umbrella to prevent breakage.

three, can’t take umbrella to pick things.

IV. avoid being placed at high temperature to prevent deformation.

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